What can Numerology Birthday Number say about a person?

The Birthday Number takes a right place in the group of Main Numbers which influence our lives. This number determines the functional capacity of a person in the framework of using their abilities and opportunities. That is the answer to the question, how and in what way each of us does what we can.

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From time to time each of us meets good chances. Some people use their chances to 100%, some start from the wrong end and get only a half of the possible result, and others simply ignore the opportunities given by the fate, being sure in advance that nothing will turn out well.

It is not so much about the intellectual and physical development, but about the peculiarities of motivation, which are defined by a person’s set of character traits. Drive and dedication very often compensate for the lack of knowledge or skills. But it is sometimes the opposite: hesitation prevents a true genius from solving a task that could be done even by a child.

Having reviewed the results of your Birthday Number analysis, you will understand what practical mistakes block your success and which qualities will help you to achieve the desired.

Birthday Numbers from 1 to 31 and their meanings

«1». Ambition, self-control, intuitive sense of direction, leadership confidence, being ready to bear the whole responsibility for all actions alone.

Look up your birth date below to read your number meaning:

«2». Striving for harmony in everything, balance, peacefulness, prudence and tact, diplomacy, sensitivity. A perfect assistant in any business.

«3». Artistry, creativity, childish innocence, impetuosity, persistence to do everything their way, even if it’s against the rules, dependence on other people’s opinions.

«4». Systematic viewpoint, carefulness, conservatism, persistence, high level of workability, physical and emotional endurance, commitment to law and order.

«5». Love for freedom, independence of mind, the ability to find several solutions, energy, resourcefulness, impermanence, inclination for excesses and vices.

«6». Tendency to being dependent, willingness to serve their beloved ones, compassion, kindness and sensibility, gentleness, persistence, honesty and stubbornness.

«7». Analytical mind, critical attitude to life, striving to find an answer to the question at all times, insularity, cynicism, excessive lust.

«8». High level of professionalism, lust for power, ability to control any set of circumstances, desire for material goods, toughness, perseverance.

«9». Idealistic attitude, striving to bring happiness to the whole world, imbalance, sensitivity, vulnerability, inability to take a punch, inclination to suffer from depressions.

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