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Analysis of the current situation in your career and the situation at work.

What the future holds for you at your current job, whether you should be uptight of being laid off, and whether you will be able to find a more promising option for your career advancement this year.
Personal reading by name and birthdate<
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How will this reading help you?

Is it worth holding onto your current job in the hope of a promotion, or is it better to leave without waiting for a dismissal? The report will help you make the right decision in this situation.

What makes you think about leaving and what your current job is lacking of for to stay at the same place? Are you so self-confident that you are prepared to be qualified for a new, higher position right now?

"For a job to bring a stable income you have to devote 15 years of your life to it." And 15 years is a very significant fraction of a working capacity period. Are you sure that you're not wasting your time staying at your current job? And if not, what are your chances of finding a new, more promising one.

The report will help you assess all the aspects of the current situation. The basis for it were the results of the analysis of the constant and cyclic parameters of your arithmancy chart. The first ones enable you assessing the level of your predisposition to work. The latter ones enable you predicting the results of your activities for 2022 and subsequent years.

The materials of the report will allow you to evaluate:

  • the factors indicating the need to change your job;
  • arguments in favor of staying on your current job;
  • probability of dismissal;
  • real career opportunities;
  • chances to find a new job quickly;
  • the level of your professional preparedness – to pass the job interview successfully.

After reading the report, you will have all the necessary recommendations concerning this area of your life.

Features of the reading

  • Electronic version: You can read it on any device: smartphone, computer or tablet.
  • Print version: The book is formated so that it can be printed at home.
  • This reading is about you : Exclusive content based on the analysis of your date of birth and name.
  • Author's texts: This report is the result of a unique analysis of your full name and date of birth using Numeric DNA technology, NUMEROSCOP ™.
  • Full of recommendations :The book contains a lot of personalized advice and recommendations applicable to real life..


  1. What indicates the need for you to change your job? If for any reason you have to force yourself to go to work, it makes sense to look for an alternative activity.
  2. What makes you staying on the same job for years? There is no job that does not have its advantages. But are they weighty enough for not changing anything?
  3. What is the probability of loosing your job? The fear of being fired is a constant stress. Is it worth holding onto your current job if your position is so unstable?
  4. What is the probability of your career growth? Every 3-4 years you have to move to the next step of your career ladder. If this is not the case, the probability of further growth is not high.
  5. What are the chances of finding a new job quickly? If you became unemployed, the limited search time will put restrictions on your chances of finding something worthwhile. It's better to search for a new job while staying on the old one.
  6. What are the chances of successfully passing the job interview? Self-confidence, which determines your chances of success, only depends on the level of your being in demand as a professional.
  7. Concluding advice. The decision should only be made on the basis of analysis of all the aspects of the current situation. If most of them imply leaving your job, quit.
The electronic version of the book is available for reading on any device..
In addition, you can download the illustrated, printable version.
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