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Past relationships

Are you sure you know the real cause of the conflict? Are you suitable for each other so that you can establish a relationship? What do you need and what don't you need to do to have a common future again?
Personal reading by name and birthdate
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How will this reading help you?

This report contains a detailed research of possible reasons for a breakup with a partner. And if it turns out that these reasons are removable, there will be a chance to restore relations.You will find out what is the degree of compliance of your basic numerological parameters, what needs to be done and what to avoid so that in the future everything will be as before. And maybe even better than before.

«Break up is a small death». Years erased from life, irreversible loss of mutual understanding, and bitter regrets about lost happiness. But is everything as hopeless as you think?

The answer is in this report. It is compiled based on the results of a comparative analysis of your individual data, and the data of the person with whom you recently broke up. The material for this analysis was not only constant numerological indicators, but also variable values corresponding to the current cycle of life.

It is the cyclic numbers that contain information that will help you get answers to the most important questions:

  • What is the real reason of the conflict?
  • Is there a chance to improve the relationship by eliminating her?
  • What actions will smooth out the contradictions?
  • Steps that should not be taken in order not to aggravate the situation?
  • To what extent are you suitable for each other?
  • Is this correspondence enough to count on a stable relationship in the future?

If you really want to return the person and restore the connection that existed between you, carefully read the contents of the report. And you will know exactly what to do.

Features of the reading

  • Electronic version: You can read it on any device: smartphone, computer or tablet.
  • Print version: The book is formated so that it can be printed at home.
  • This reading is about you : Exclusive content based on the analysis of your date of birth and name.
  • Author's texts: This report is the result of a unique analysis of your full name and date of birth using Numeric DNA technology, NUMEROSCOP ™.
  • Full of recommendations :The book contains a lot of personalized advice and recommendations applicable to real life..


  1. The hidden cause of the conflict. Partners often do not guess the real reasons for the existing disagreements. The report will allow you to see the truth.
  2. How can relationships be improved? You will find out what you and your partner lacked in past relationships. And this will simplify the situation.
  3. Steps to be taken to mitigate the situation. Perhaps you just wanted to have the last word. The data provided will help to find a compromise.
  4. What should not be done? As a rule, rash, impulsive actions lead to a breakup. This information will allow you to avoid mistakes in the future.
  5. The degree of compliance of partners. Of course, a lot depends on this. Common ground can be found even in completely different people. The report shows yours.
  6. Expectations for the future. From the report you will find out what was the basis of your union. Restore it, and you will have a foundation for further relationships.
The electronic version of the book is available for reading on any device..
In addition, you can download the illustrated, printable version.
PDF format.

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