Numerology And Career Choice

According to Numerology, birth date and name numbers determine not only one's character and personality, but also their propensity to choose this or that field or even a certain occupation.

This statement may seem controversial at the first glance. Well, it's hard to believe that, say,John Smith who was born on July 1, 2000 must necessarily become a plumber, while Mary Jones who was born a day later – an academic professor. If it be so, then where is the freedom of choice? Does it mean then that our life is controlled by blind fate, everything depends on a chance, and the Tooth Fairy exists?

We won't either prove or dispute the latter statement – it falls beyond our remit. As for the rest, Numerological analysis of one's inclination and aptitude for a certain career field is carried out not to restrict their freedom of choice and action, driving them within the boundaries of the accepted. Quite the opposite, this analysis is aimed to help you avoid a mistake in career choice and spare you from the dire, or even tragic, consequences they may lead to.


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Analysis of a complete Numerological chart provides the most accurate and detailed forecast of one's successful career. Life Path Number indicates whether you have natural talents. Expression Number suggests where you should search for opportunities. Heart’s Desire reveals what your heart really wants. Maturity (Power) Number tells what to do next. Inclusion Chart shows how to use what you possess. Planes of Expression chart recommends how to choose the right career. Life Responses indicate obstructions on your way to the goal.

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