The Numerology meaning of the 17 birthday

Birth Day Number 17 implies creative approach to business, strength, confidence and ambition. Your capabilities are much greater than those of an average person, you can manage both people and processes, including the global ones.

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Birth Day Number 17 potentials

Your ability to foresee the perspective of any situation allows you to plan your actions in all spheres of life in such a way as to maximize your chances for success. And you really enjoy being a person capable of controlling your relationship with the world to its full.

But you sometimes go too far. Your desire to manipulate the situation on a whim, to bring everything that happens to your under your control often leads to a conflict of interest. And the fact that, in most cases, you emerge victorious out of these conflicts doesn't grant you with peace of mind.

You should give up the idea of everything always depending on you. Otherwise you risk having moral breakdowns.

Optimal growth area for professional development

If speaking about occupations, you are a typical manager, coordinator, administrator. The highest level of professionalism in the chosen field is something you can achieve. Once you reach the peak, bright prospects for self-fulfillment will be open before you.

Any activity associated with production or finance could be suitable for you. You were born to make money. Two simple recommendation will help you successfully deal this task.

First, make sure your ambitions never exceed your actual capabilities, do not take part in affairs you know little about. Failure will be a heavy blow to your ego.

And secondly, avoid the temptation of using your position to exercise power over people who depend on you, putting pressure on them and infringing their rights. Otherwise people will simply hate you.

Influence of Birth Day Number 17 on the choice of partner and family life

All aspects of your life are secondary to the interests of the business you are involved in – this is the way you are. And personal relationships are no exception. Your partner will have to grin and bear, which won't be that difficult, though, especially if you are bound together by the true mutual feelings.

On the other hand, your family's needs can become the best stimulus for business activity. If success at work will be identified in your mind with the well-being of your nearest and dearest, no conflict of interest shall remain. For you, this is the most straight-forward of all the existing ways to harmony between personal and business life.

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