Karmic Numbers

So far, no one has given any convincing proof that the soul as immortal human essence exists. Yet, almost everyone believes in karma. The reason is simple: at some point of life, each of us felt unconditioned remorse or groundless fear, uncontrolled resentment to a stranger, or on the contrary, sympathy and desire to help without even being asked to.

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All these are the influence of karma. We can feel manifestations of this influence on a subconscious level, but extremely rarely do we try to perceive them as a constantly present factor. Meanwhile, all of them may be calculated and interpreted.

Each type of karmic influence corresponds to a number that can be identified through a numerological analysis of a person’s name and date of birth. Numbers 13, 14, 16 and 19, found among these initial data, determine the kind of karmic debt that a person has to pay off.

The strength of influence and the nature of obligations that the karmic number imposes on a person depend on where exactly it will be found.

How to calculate the Numbers of Karmic Debt

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It is not at all difficult to learn about your karmic debts. You just need to quit the process of calculating the numbers of the numerological core on time: the Number of Name (Expression), the Number of Life Path, the Number of the Soul, and the Number of Maturity. For example, in determining the Life Path Number by the date 16.05.2000, you only need to stop at the result 1 + 6 + 5 + 2 = 14. The Karmic Debt Number has already been found.

It should be noted that in this example the Karmic Debt Number is also the Birthday Number itself, which is 16. However, this is a karmic debt of a completely different kind, both in quality and in basic characteristics.

Interpretation of Karmic Numbers

13 - excessive attention to one's own needs on the background of complete indifference to the needs of others. Absence of constraining principles that prevent the use of other people for personal purposes. Egocentrism, elevated to the degree of the fundamental life principle.

14 - extreme irresponsibility, the direct consequence of which is real damage, both moral and material, to the people around . Absolutely indifferent attitude to the emotions of other people, a tendency to humiliate and suppress. The need for sensual pleasures dominates over the desire for spiritual growth.

16 - proneness to act contrary to the norms of morality and universal laws. Conscious damage to others, refusal to bear responsibility for the consequences of their actions. The degree of self-restraint and self-control absence is proportional to the degree of karmic debt severity.

19 - neglect of self-esteem and the need for self-respect of others. The moral code unconditionally allows the use of their opportunities for the realization of personal desires. No notion about justice, abuse of power.

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