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What are the chances of finding a job this year?

What are your chances of finding a job this year that matches your abilities and meets all your requirements? Will you be able to get it and integrate organically into a new team?
Personal reading by name and birthdate
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How will this reading help you?

Do you get satisfaction from your work? Are you happy financially with your job? Whether this year you will be able to find a job that better suits your needs?

What do you need to successfully pass a job interview, to integrate organically into a new team, and to secure your job position for a long time? All the necessary information is contained in the materials of this report.

Is it worth holding onto your current job if it is just a struggle to survive and nothing more? If you are not happy with what you are doing, and the results do not please you? If physical and psychological fatigue after a day of work exceeds all permissible standards?

Obviously not worth it? But how many chances do you think you have to find the best place already this year? Are you prepared enough in professional terms to pass a job interview successfully, to integrate organically into an unfamiliar environment, and to be in good standing with your bosses?

The answers to these questions are provided in the materials of the report. Based on the results of the analysis of your arithmancy chart, it will enable you assessing the degree of matching of your abilities to the specific field of your operations and determining your prospects for the future.

You will find out:

  • what kind of work will bring you satisfaction this year;
  • what are the chances of successfully passing a job interview and obtaining an employment;
  • whether you will be able to establish good relations with your colleagues and bosses;
  • how long will you last at your new job, and what it depends on.

Features of the reading

  • Electronic version: You can read it on any device: smartphone, computer or tablet.
  • Print version: The book is formated so that it can be printed at home.
  • This reading is about you : Exclusive content based on the analysis of your date of birth and name.
  • Author's texts: This report is the result of a unique analysis of your full name and date of birth using Numeric DNA technology, NUMEROSCOP ™.
  • Full of recommendations :The book contains a lot of personalized advice and recommendations applicable to real life..


  • What will you strive for this year? Your aspirations will change along with the cyclic numbers. You need to know what changes to expect in next year.
  • What field of activity will bring you pleasure? The degree of your satisfaction will depend on whether your working conditions match your reasonable needs.
  • What are the chances of quickly finding a new job and successfully passing a job interview? Everything will depend on your inner determination. And your inner determination, in turn, depends on the aggregate impact of the main and cyclic numbers.
  • How to achieve respect of the team and benevolence of the bosses? Facility and hard work. If during this period your parameters of stubbornness and aggressiveness do not exceed the standard, there will be no problem.
  • What is required to make you want to keep your new job for a long time? If your job brings you satisfaction and your career is progressing well, you will never want to leave.
The electronic version of the book is available for reading on any device..
In addition, you can download the illustrated, printable version.
PDF format.

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