What does your birthday say about you?

When fully explored, one's Birth Day can give answers to all the questions arising in the minds of those who strive to understand who they are, what they are, and what for they have come to this world.

Judge for yourself: The Life Path Number gives direction, the Birth Day Number sets interim goals along this path, which serve as milestones facilitating the way; individual numbers in the full date, when arranged in the Psychomatrix, give comprehensive information about your personality; and, finally, the Period Cycles identify the unity of time and action that only makes it possible for you to succeed. So, numbers enable us to examine characters of others without seeing them.

Now, try to ask a question yet unanswered.

All this is revealed by a single dot in the endless line of time – the day you were born, when you came into this world.


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Birth Day Number

Birth Day Number. Information contained in your Birth Day Number can help you see the exact purpose why this or that inherent quality has been given to you, and thus avoid mistakes when you choose the mode of action to achieve the set goal. There is no quality that would find only one use – it is an axiom. Yet, if you choose the way for their implementation regardless of other personality traits, you may keep on shooting butterflies with rifles for the rest of your life.

Life Path Number

Life Path Number. To comprehend the significance of the information contained in the Life Path Number, you first need to realize that you are neither choosing the Path for yourself now, nor even trying to step on the Path chosen for you beforehand. You have been walking this Path since you were born. Try to accept it as a given, so the information you get won't be simply advice or recommendations. It will serve you as a guide to use tools that you have always possessed, but haven't applied only because you've been unaware of their purpose.

Life Path Cycles

From the point of view of Numerology, as, by the way, from any reasonable point of view, a human's life is divided into three (or four, according to some Numerology schools) main periods. Each of them may last from 10 to 30 years, and in any particular case their duration can be calculated quite accurately to the year. (correct as necessary) However, here we shall consider not the duration of periods, but their features in the applied, functional aspects – that is, what should each be best used for.

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Life's Challenges

Our Life Path is divided into stages. The most promising prospects are defined by the Achievement Number. Another one, the Challenge Number, represents problems that you face in this life period. Using information contained in these two Numbers, you can focus your effort in the right direction.

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Psychomatrix And Pythagoras Square

Psychomatrix aquare is a particularly fine visual representation of the terms "versatility" and "complexity", which are used to described human personality. Each and every. It is "particularly fine" because it is just a square filled from bottom to top and from left to right with numbers, which are actually the manifestations of all our qualitative characteristics. A single glance at this matrix can provide more information about the person than continuous observation throughout a year. You only need to learn to see.

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Birth Day Karmic Numbers

Karmic – 13, 14, 16, 19 – and Master – 11, 22, 33 – Numbers present in one's birth day indicate that all of the opportunities that life offers are to be used in the particular way. They are intended either to pay back a karmic debt, or to fulfill a special mission. And this can be viewed as an irrevocable numerological contract. Arguments are futile.

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