The Numerology meaning of the 30 birthday

Birth Day Number 30 means a distinctive character endowed with rich imagination, artistry, wit, and charisma. You are spoiled with attention and love; people are willing to forgive you something they wouldn’t forgive anyone else. In return, your admirers get a charge of positive attitude towards life, enthusiasm, and good mood.

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Birth Day Number 30 potentials

You pass around this positive attitude to everything you touch. As a result, you may feel that you are able to control the world around you, so there is nothing else to do. Everything will be all right all the same.

But fun and idleness can’t make a good lifestyle. It is impossible to remain a Joker for life; you have to be someone else. You need to find a practical application for your numerous talents on time, not waiting for the day when no one will take you seriously.

Optimal growth area for professional development

The best area for professional self-realization in your case is art. You will be equally natural on the stage, in artist’s study, and at the typewriter. You can also combine it all in comfortable proportions, as many comprehensively gifted people do.

Your search for yourself can last a lifetime, but if you take it seriously, every step at every stage will be fruitful. However, don’t perceive interim success as confirmation that you have already succeeded in this or that profession. As one famous director said once, "those who want a profession to become a matter of life and bring a stable income, should be in it for ten years at least."

c. Influence of Birth Day Number on choice of partner and family life

Personal life for people of your type is generally successful. You have charm and charisma; you are able to cause feelings and to respond to them. But the main thing is that it’s impossible to get angry with you for a long time, which eliminates 80% of the occasions for quarrels. Such a person as yourself can be forgiven for everything, including adultery, unless, of course, you advertise your "small weaknesses" too much.

If this kind of complication doesn’t arise, you need to make a minimum effort to secure a happy family life. Namely, you should find something to do, find a job. It's not about the money. It’s just that unimplemented talents will soon lead you to a depressive state and eternal discontent with everything and everyone.

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