Angelic numerology

In other words, it is the numerology of the guardian angels. It’s the answers to the questions we are just learning to ask. It’s the “prompter’s whisper”, barely audible over the shuffling of feet and the creak of chairs. It’s the first chapters of the book written before the Fall.

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In other words, it is the numerology of the guardian angels. It’s the answers to the questions we are just learning to ask. It’s the “prompter’s whisper”, barely audible over the shuffling of feet and the creak of chairs. It’s the first chapters of the book written before the Fall.

There is a half-forgotten saying: "Angels cry in heaven." So they say when a person does something so absurd and meaningless, so destructive to their personality and life that even their close ones are discouraged, because all the reproaches, instructions and advice are useless.

But why do the angels cry? It’s because even they failed to prevent the catastrophe, although they did their best. They used all means available to angels. But they were not heard.

Their signs were ignored, and the "storm signals" went unnoticed, despite the fact that it is quite difficult to overlook them. However, such signals can be ignored, considered unimportant, or simply not recognized as a direct call that requires the closest attention.

Angelic numerology studies messages in the form of digits that each person sees dozens of times a day. Or, at least, is supposed to see. Time on the clock, on car license plates and houses, numbers on receipts, tickets and official documents - the angelic numerology can be almost in any place where combinations of numbers can occur.

However, it isn’t just any combination. Angel Numbers in numerology are either numbers with repeating digits, for example "444", or combinations of identical numbers as "15 15" or "mirror" numbers like "21 12", etc.

There are quite a lot of variants, and each of them will be discussed separately below. But they have one thing in common: Angelic numerology deals with attention-grabbing numbers that literally catch your eye. They are the numbers, seeing which almost any person feels that one’s life has come into contact with something unknowable for a split second. So they involuntarily wonder: "What does it mean?"

This article is devoted to the accurate and detailed answers to this question. But first, here’s a little historical background.

Back in the 16th century, an English mathematician, mystic and astrologer John Dee - the same John Dee who turned down his post as professor of mathematics at Trinity College, but created the largest scientific library in Britain of his time - wrote a treatise on numbers. They were seen as a universal language through which angels can communicate with people.

However, our time has also given the world its heroes. Angelic numerology by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. and psychologist from the USA, is gaining more and more followers every year. One of Doreen's most popular research topics is angelic numerology by the date of birth, a calculation system that helps identify children with inborn unique abilities.

The books by Doreen Virtue describe in detail the ways that angels can talk to people and send messages to them. Angelic numerology by the clock time is the most visual of these methods, the easiest for understanding. After all, it is not enough just to notice the message. You must be able to "read" it, to understand what it means.

The decoding of these messages varies widely in different sources, since any knowledgeable numerologist has the right to one’s own vision of the issue. However, the general meaning almost always remains unchanged.

We offer you our own version of reading various digital combinations. This is not only numerology by the clock time, but also the interpretation of all combinations of digits in which you can see the instructions from above.

For example, you can see it in the license plates of passing cars, houses you walk by, or receits given to you after the purchase.

Pay particular attention to unfamiliar incoming phone call numbers.

Perhaps someone got the wrong number. But in the angelic numerology there are no chance events.

So what do the angelic combinations of digits say?

«111». Signal for a rapid response. You are having thoughts that can impact your life strongly. Don't let them dissolve in the stream of consciousness. Concentrate on them, think them over thoroughly.

If your brain has fixed three "Ones", it means that your guardian angel is ringing the alarm. So you must hear it. Otherwise, something very important will pass you by and will be irretrievably missed.

«222». The number 222 is regarded by the angelic numerology as a confirmation that your recent actions have not been in vain. Your words were heard, your ideas were accepted.

Three “Twos” are a signal warning that you need to be prepared for the consequences of your actions. Pull yourself together! You will have to work.

«333». It’s a reminder that your life is controlled by the Ascended Masters - real historical figures who have had an unprecedented impact on the course of the spiritual evolution of humanity.

 Their words are quoted and their actions are repeated thousands of times every minute on Earth. Their heritage is invisibly present in every act of each person. Whatever you do, whatever you think about, the verdict has already been passed and the reward has been determined.

«444». It’s a sign in case you lose self-confidence, get disappointed, and feel isolated from the world and hopelessly lonely.

Your star is shining, the angels are nearby, every second of your life is your gift to humanity, and there is always a person who loves you. Take it easy!

 «555». Angelic numerology interprets the number 555 as a signal for the beginning of the "pre-flight preparation". There’s nothing unexpected! It’s a planned "flight" along the familiar route.

But you have to tear yourself away from the Earth, stop being a part of it for a while. Be ready for anything, hold the wheel tighter. It is possible that you will "land" where you did not plan to, but this will be the best moment in your life.

 «666». Be careful! You are one step away from losing yourself forever. There is a desire, and there is an opportunity to have it all at once, paying for it with the purity of your own soul.

This is a temptation that you need to overcome. The angels will help you accept what you have now and not try to take more from life than you need at present.

«777». A rare piece of luck has just happened in your life. You may have even not noticed it. The choice made in the last 48 hours is the most justified decision in your life. The person who caused positive emotions is the one for whom you were born.

Do not stop! The direction is correct, the assessment of your own actions corresponds to reality and the potentialities are inexhaustible.

 «888». This sign is extremely rarely paid attention to. Apparently, it commonly appears at the moment of an uncontrollable "drive". When everything is excellent, it has simply never been better.

Keep in mind: if it can’t be better, then the limit of possibilities has been reached. So it will be over soon. It's time to prepare the ground for new solutions and determine the direction of further movement.

 «999». Angelic numerology of the number 9 is a special topic. The Nine is, in a certain sense, the number of the angels. They are ingenuous, good-natured, disinterested. They are freed from the hardships of earthly life, but they have taken on a heavier burden: responsibility for people.

Therefore, the angelic numerology of the number 999 is a symbol of the infinity of the forward movement called life. It’s the sign of a new beginning, which is a continuation of something finished, logically concluded.

 «000». It is the most common combination of numbers. It should be so. After all, three zeros are a reminder that we are all in God's hands, and every step we take is a manifestation of his will.

Understanding this means to comprehend the eternal wisdom of the Universe; it looks after every living being, like a good mother takes care of her children.

Combinations of digits

Angelic numerology is not necessarily the time on the clock. Any combination of three or even two eye-catching digits can be a message, the purpose of which is to warn, correct or direct the actions of its receiver.

If you do not find "your" combination in the list below, try to decipher the message using the data that is available here. Intuition will tell you how to do this exactly.

Combinations with the number 1

Any combination with the One in the first position is a signal to the beginning of a certain thought process that will affect the sequence of your actions.

  • The combination of 1 and 2 means that your thoughts are flowing in the right direction and the results will not be long in coming.

    A special case is the numerology of clock time 11 11. This is the starting point. Whatever you were doing at the moment, stop when you see 11 11 on the clock. Then take the achieved results as the starting position and start moving from it.
  • The combination of numbers 1 and 3 is a reminder that the Ascended Masters are watching over you, trying to protect you from mistakes at the very beginning of your way.

    “Thirteen” is considered an unlucky number. But this is actually a warning about a possible mistake. It is impossible to bypass this indicator: you cannot, for example, exclude the thirteenth hour of every day or the thirteenth day of every month from your life. You just need to be extremely careful during these periods of time. Especially if a message has been received.

    Numerology of the combination 13 13, as well as numerology of 13 31, means “special” notification. The first one means that the probability of making a fatal mistake is as high as possible, and the second one says that you have successfully overcome the dangerous line and returned to your starting position without any loss.
  • Combinations of 1 and 4 capture the moments that are optimal for starting the practical realization of your desires. For example, the numerology of clock time 14 14 calls for immediate action in this direction.

    If you see the combination 14 41 on your watch, then the numerology of this indicator shows that a step in the right direction has already been taken. You might not have noticed it. Go back a little and analyze your last actions.
  • Combinations of 1 and 5 mean a bold flight of thought, which, however, can lead to ambiguous results. In particular, the angelic numerology of 15 15 is interpreted as a warning that literally in the next minute you can do something so illogical that it will completely change your life. It’s still unknown, if it's for better or for worse.
  • Combinations of 1 and 6 are a recommendation to give up thoughts about material issues in favor of ideas aimed at improving your own personality for a while.

    Angelic numerology of clock time 16 16 indicates the moment when you should focus on spiritual values. In general, the numerology of the combination 16 16 in any form is a warning about the danger of excessive attention to the material side of life.
  • Combinations of 1 and 7 in any variations show that the chosen direction and its potential prospects are correct.

    Angelic numerology of 17 17 highlights the moment when you should thank the fate for its gifts. It means that you have received the best possible results in this situation.
  • Combinations of 1 and 8. The final phase of a current path segment begins for you. If it was unsuccessful, you can smile - it will end soon. If you are satisfied with the results, thank your angels for their help.
  • Combinations of 1 and 9 indicate that your thoughts have led you to a new start. You can already see the ultimate goal of the next stage of your life. Do not stop at that point, act bolder.
  • Combinations of 1 and 0. “Ten” is a magic number in many ancient cultures. Connection "1 - 0" is the basis of the binary code of the universe. As a message, such combinations mean that your thoughts are heard, but cannot be transformed into real results.

    Numerology of clock time 10 10 determines the moment when you should change the direction of your thoughts and choose a different goal for them.

Combinations with the number 2

Any combination with the Two promises good luck in the implementation of your ideas and confirms their fruitfulness.

The most interesting numerology of all the exact interpretations of the number 2 is when the clock shows 22 22. The message means that by this moment you have managed to do absolutely everything necessary to “start the process”.

Nothing can stop or accelerate it. Relax now!

  • Combinations of 2 and 1 state the potential effectiveness of the steps you have taken.

    Angelic numerology 21 21 is a direct indication that your actions will bear fruit very soon.
  • Combinations of 2 and 3 remind of the influence of the Ascended Masters on your choices.

    Angelic numerology 23 23 confirms that this phase of life corresponds exactly to the role that they have assigned you.
  • Combinations of 2 and 4. You are under the wings of your guardian angels. Thus they want to reassure you and to say that they guide and support your every action.
  • Combinations of 2 and 5. Numerological “green light”. Angels encourage the boldness of your ideas. The results can exceed all expectations. However, you should react to every change in the situation as quickly as possible.
  • Combinations of 2 and 6 notify about the upcoming replenishment of your property. It may be a gift, a trove or a purchase.
  • Combinations of 2 and 7. Angels inform you that a certain request you recently expressed in purely earthly relations has been heard up there in heaven. Do not lose hope: there is every chance that this request will be satisfied.
  • Combinations of 2 and 8: something ends and something begins. Be careful during this transition so as not to choose the wrong direction. Your intuition will show you the right “door”.
  • Combinations of 2 and 9. The damage you have suffered recently will be compensated. Therefore, keep your head up and do not change the plans because of temporary difficulties. Combinations of 2 and 0: consolation and support. No matter how you assess what is happening now, do not lose faith in good and justice.
  • Angelic numerology 20 20 is a message saying that God cares for you. Whatever happens, he will not let you fall.

Combinations with the number 3

All combinations with the Three are messages from the Ascended Masters. It’s the will of the angels, passed through the prism of human perception.

  • Combinations of 3 and 1: The Ascended Masters direct your thoughts to align them with the age-old wisdom of humanity. Your new ideas are their advice.
  • Combinations of 3 and 2: You are attracted by the will of the Ascended Masters. All positive results will be as much their merit as yours. Negative results are out of the question.
  • Combinations of 3 and 4: It is possible that a certain event will direct your actions, while giving you the confidence that you are doing everything right. This is the practical help of the Ascended Masters.
  • Combinations of 3 and 5 are a message that in the near future you should expect serious changes in your life. The Ascended Masters promise you their support. You don't have to be afraid of the future.
  • Combinations of 3 and 6: you will soon get additional means to achieve your goal. This is a gift from the Ascended Masters and evidence of their approval.
  • Combinations of 3 and 7 – The Ascended Masters are pleased not only with your actions and their results, but also with your attitude that leads you along the chosen path. Your soul is in harmony with the universe.
  • Combinations of 3 and 8: do not slow down, keep the pace. The Ascended Masters advise you to focus all your energy for the quickest result, to be more down-to-earth and practical.
  • Combinations of 3 and 9: Ascended Masters strongly advise you to get rid of unnecessary ballast that slows down your movement. Do not be afraid to give up something that has become obsolete and can no longer bring you joy.
  • Combinations of 3 and 0: do not forget about the God's will directing all your actions. You may be slightly off the course. The Ascended Masters recommend you to remember the ultimate, highest goal of any action.

Combinations with the number 4

All combinations with the Four are practical recommendations regarding the current moment in your life.

  • Combinations of 4 and 1: the angels advise you to think about what you need now to continue the movement. Focus all your efforts on achieving this intermediate goal.
  • Combinations of 4 and 2: these messages say that a new goal has appeared in your life. The angels are happy with your choice and want you to know that they will not leave you on the chosen path.
  • Combinations of 4 and 3: you can count on help from above in all your endeavors. But behave yourself so that the angels do not lose the desire to support you.
  • Combinations of 4 and 5: if you decided to free yourself from some old obligations in this life period in order to take on new ones, then you can be sure: it corresponds to the will of your guardian angels.
  • Combinations of 4 and 6: You are spending too much energy on keeping financial stability. Let the angels take care of this and concentrate on higher thoughts.
  • Combinations of 4 and 7: the angels are delighted and moved with the results of your actions. They are happy with your work. Do not stop!
  • Combinations of 4 and 8: You did a great job at this stage of your life. If you think you have missed something, do everything you need to do right now. This stage is coming to an end.
  • Combinations of 4 and 9: accept the losses. They are inevitable when you move from one stage of life to another. Your angels will not leave you without consolation.
  • Combinations of 4 and 0: feel your involvement in the great universal love. It is always with you. God and the guardian angels do not leave you even for a minute.

Combinations with the number 5

All combinations with the Five are signs of renewal. They let you know of imminent changes in life and promise support in all new endeavors.

  • Combinations of 5 and 1. Your thoughts got distracted from the ordinary and rushed to the new. Do not hold back the flight of imagination, follow your ideas. This is the right direction.
  • Combinations of 5 and 2 – Your innermost desires have been evaluated and recognized as pure and eligible for implementation. It can happen any minute. Be ready!
  • Combinations of 5 and 3 – The changes taking place in your life coincide with the will of the Creator. Otherwise, the thoughts that prompted you on this path would never have occurred to you. The Ascended Masters promise you their support.
  • Combinations of 5 and 4 – The way of transformations you have entered has been paved by the angels. They know what awaits you and will help you cope with difficulties.
  • Combinations of 5 and 6 – Wait for some serious changes on the financial level of life. Try to refrain from unseemly deeds so as not to disappoint the guardian angels.
  • Combinations of 5 and 7 – A certain event can improve your health and enrich you financially or spiritually. This will be another confirmation that you are doing everything right.
  • Combinations of 5 and 8 – You have come close to a situation that can make global changes in your life. Do not be afraid to take one more step towards something new. The angels will not abandon you.
  • Combinations of 5 and 9 –Do not let the things, that no longer have a significant impact on your life, prevent you from moving on. Do not hold on to yesterday.
  • Combinations of 5 and 0 – There was the will of God for all that happened to you. Everything new that has come into your life is his gift. Be grateful.

Combinations with the number 6

All combinations with the Six are messages that are somehow connected with the material component of your life. Be careful! A lot will depend on how adequately you understand them.

  • Combinations of 6 and 1 – The less often you focus your thoughts on material issues, the sooner you can expect positive changes in this direction. Angels do not tolerate the fuss.
  • Combinations of 6 and 2 – Your property will be replenished with a new acquisition. Perhaps it will be something that you have longed to possess. Then your soul will sing in unison with the angelic choir.
  • Combinations of 6 and 3 – The Ascended Masters will help you get the means you need for your current activity, which proves that things you do matter for the entire universe.
  • Combinations of 6 and 4 – It’s a signal about the danger of excessive dependence on the material aspect. You risk losing touch with the spiritual world. Let the angels take care of your daily bread. Think high.
  • Combinations of 6 and 5 – Global changes on the material level should not lead you astray. This is part of a life process in which everything is predetermined and adequately conditioned.
  • Combinations of 6 and 7 – These messages confirm that work aimed at achieving material wealth didn’t have a negative impact on your spiritual world and the integrity of your personality. Way to go!
  • Combinations of 6 and 8 – It’s a signal to begin the big cleaning-up. You need to clear your material world from everything that no longer feeds your soul. The angels will make it up for all your losses.
  • Combinations of 6 and 9 – It’s time to give up things that you are unhealthily attached to. Possessing them burdens your consciousness, prevents you from perceiving something new as a sign of positive changes in your life.
  • Combinations of 6 and 0 – These messages from the Creator help you evaluate the material wealth from a spiritual perspective. That is, if you want a new car, ask your soul if it needs it.

Combinations with the number 7

All combinations with the Seven are messages addressed to your intellect and wisdom. They imply your ability to think coherently and to adequately perceive reality.

  • Combinations of 7 and 1 – The angels are sure that your thoughts are promising and proceed in full accordance with the situation. But don't be too pedantic. Leave room for dreams and emotional impulses.
  • Combinations of 7 and 2 – If you think you need to seek help, it is the right decision. You can expect a positive response in the immediate future.
  • Combinations of 7 and 3 – The Ascended Masters are pleased with the manifestation of your intellect. Your thoughts will lead you exactly to the result that they planned for you.
  • Combinations of 7 and 4 – The angels are delighted with how closely your actions match your thoughts. Regardless of the outcome, you have shown yourself as an integral personality.
  • Combinations of 7 and 5 – Your ability to think in terms of facts ensured your readiness for the upcoming changes. Nothing will confuse you.
  • Combinations of 7 and 6 – It’s the highest possible assessment of the results that you achieved due to your ability to think reasonably. The angels say that even they could not have managed the situation better.
  • Combinations of 7 and 8 – The angels inform you that the feeling of the completed process you have recently had corresponds to the real situation. You did the best you could. It's time to make a full stop.
  • Combinations of 7 and 9 – You managed to use 100% of your mind. Your victories delight the angels. It's time to move on. Do not carry with you the "garbage" left after work. You only need results.
  • Combinations of 7 and 0 – What you have done will multiply the benefits of the world. Your path has coincided with God's providence. You deserve his gratitude.

Combinations with the number 8

All combinations with the Eight are warnings about the end of a current life phase. Angelic numerology of the 8 is an offer to accept the situation if you cannot change it.

  • Combinations of 8 and 1 – What's done is done. There is no point in regretting mistakes and trying to fix them belatedly. Thus you will be forever stuck in the past. Better get some rest before starting all over again.
  • Combinations of 8 and 2 – Do not think about what you did not get. Use what you have to move on.
  • Combinations of 8 and 3 – Ascended Masters will help you see the positive aspects of the most unsatisfactory result. It will restore your faith in the highest justice.
  • Combinations of 8 and 4 – The practical results of your actions are acceptable. What you have done is in line with your possibilities.
  • Combinations of 8 and 5 – It’s an urgent message from the angels. Something is going to enter your life and completely change it right now. Focus on what is happening around you.
  • Combinations of 8 and 6 – To complete the current life stage you may need to give up some material values, dear things associated with it. Do not regret about it. The angels will reward you for your asceticism.
  • Combinations of 8 and 7 – You have shown wisdom and foresight, being able to feel the moment when you need to stop. Honor and praise to your mind!
  • Combinations of 8 and 9 – You have to go through a chain of events that will touch your feelings. Try not to react to them too emotionally. These are echoes of the fireworks in honor of the end of the life phase. Think about the future.
  • Combinations of 8 and 0 – The angels are sending you the gratitude of the Creator for your endurance and perseverance. You have not strayed from the path that he defined for you. It means a

Combinations with the number 9

All combinations with the Nine are messages related to the sensual, idealistic component of your thoughts and actions.

  • Combinations of 9 and 1 – The angels say that you do not need to be ashamed of the travelled path. None of your actions gives reason to accuse you of a lack of human feelings.
  • Combinations of 9 and 2 – Do not let bitterness, resentment, indignation at the injustice towards you take possession of your whole being. Whatever you lose, you will find even more.
  • Combinations of 9 and 3 – Do not despair, if it seems to you that love has left your heart. The Ascended Masters promise that your soul's purest urges will soon find a new purpose.
  • Combinations of 9 and 4 –You may be unhappy with the practical results of your actions. But the angels say that you have done more than enough to keep your soul pure. The rest will come in due time.
  • Combinations of 9 and 5 – The events of the near future will help you see many of the things that previously escaped your attention. You will be able to perceive familiar things in a new way, see them with your spiritual sight.
  • Combinations of 9 and 6 – The angels announce that your gift to the Universe has been gratefully accepted. It is possible that you do not know what it means. Perhaps it was a kind word that you said at the right time.
  • Combinations of 9 and 7 capture a truly great moment in your life. The wishes of the heart have come in complete agreement with the arguments of reason. Try to keep this balance as long as possible. After all, this is the true inner harmony.
  • Combinations of 9 and 8 – Your soul is dissatisfied with your mind. Perhaps your overly reasonable actions distressed it for a while. But do not be discouraged: this period of your life is already in the past.
  • Combinations of 9 and 0 – The angels give you God's blessing. You followed your heart and kept your soul pure. Rejoice!

Combinations with the number 0

All combinations with the Zero mean God's providence for you, expressed in numbers. It is vital not to overlook these guardian angels’ messages.

  • Combinations of 0 and 1 – It's time for you to learn to think sensibly. Do not ask God for health and wealth. Ask him how to become healthy and wealthy.
  • Combinations of 0 and 2 – The angels are trying to explain the meaning of the expression “with God's help” to you. He guides you regardless of the strength of your faith, but you should always turn to him, when your own energy is not enough.
  • Combinations of 0 and 3 – It’s a message that you embarked on the path of the Ascended Masters for a moment: you felt your divine purpose, the reason for a living. Save this feeling to return to it, when the light at the end of the tunnel dims.
  • Combinations of 0 and 4 – After seeing this message, keep doing what you were doing. God is in your thoughts and actions.
  • Combinations of 0 and 5 – This angelic message says that the time of renewal has come to you. All the unexpected that will happen to you in the near future is God's craft and his gift.
  • Combinations of 0 and 6 – These messages are most often misunderstood. They mean that you have exactly as much as your soul needs. This is not a call to asceticism. Just advice: be realistic about what you want.
  • Combinations of 0 and 7 – Your thought process has become a part of the divine mind. Everything that you do during this period is pleasing to God. Even if you act as a "punishing hand".
  • Combinations of 0 and 8 – It states that the practical results of your activity have become a "brick" of the universe. At this completed stage, you have accomplished what God created you for.
  • Combinations of 0 and 9 – Your human nature and your divine essence have merged together and are in complete harmony. The universe has heard the voice of your heart. Peace to you!
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