The Numerology meaning of the 9 birthday

Pragmatism of an ant in people with the Birth Day Number 9 is combined with romantic idealism of a butterfly. In practice, it means that every day you can be waiting for the Second Coming and manna from heaven, and keep believing in your divine mission, but, at the same time, earn a living by washing dishes or delivering parcels. You can keep looking out for your golden carriage for years while selling hot-dogs on the roadside. Your motto is "tomorrow will be better, and today we can get by with what we have."

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Birth Day Number 9 potentials

Such attitude to life is not without its attractions, and some peculiar charm. You are pleasant to get along with, because, perhaps, you never treat people as tools to achieve your goals. What's more, you don't even need goals. You simply enjoy the diversity of life while struggling not to sink in its turbulent flow.

It is worth to note that people like you quite often live to see their golden carriage coming to them. This is how their faith and patience are rewarded.

Optimal growth area for professional development

You choose your way of living and your place among the others, rather than specialization and profession. That's why your search may last for years and decades. All this time you are, of course, doing something, but you never consider your current position the summit of your ambition, and your work – the top of your capacity and capability. There's always some other field where you are needed more and can be more useful, a more satisfying and a better-paid job.

However, you have a trait that makes you stick to one place for long. It is your ability to create a unique atmosphere in any team, a work environment free of its usual tension, that is always about to explode into full blown-conflicts. In your presence, frantic rush in trying to meet deadlines gives place to collective inspiration, as well as common aspiration to do the job properly and with a smile.

This is the reason why nobody wants to part from you and tries to make you stay until last. You aren't an individualist by nature, but a socially-oriented one, at one point you simply won't want to change anything.

Your most suitable professional fields include: economics, pedagogics, research work (history, archeology), applied art, poetry, and essay writing.

Influence of Birth Day Number 9 on the choice of partner and family life

The second or third year of marriage quite often becomes the turning point in relationships with the partner for people of your type. It is partly your fault. To be more precise, it is the fault of your idealistic attitude to the world and people. When choosing a candidate, you look through rose-colored glasses instead of a microscope or a magnifier.

You don't haste to ring the alarm when realize that your partner's personality traits which won your heart are not particularly suitable for family life. You keep hoping for a while that the new status will change your partner's character. Only having made sure that it's not going to happen, you let your pragmatism gain control over feelings.

It should be noted to your credit that you're one of those who take divorce as a serious blow. You are sincerely sorry that your relationship has failed. And it can have a serious impact on your future love life.

However, should a person like you find a partner, at least 40 percent meeting your expectations, you'll do your best to strengthen your marriage.

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