The Numerology meaning of the 8 birthday

People of the Birth Day Number 8 are efficient managers and born leaders. You are strong willed, persistent, and very stubborn, and these traits help you overcome life's obstacles. You are not afraid of undertaking big, labor-intensive projects, and never doubt your ability to carry them out.

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Birth Day Number 8 potentials

Your self-assurance determines your lifestyle and sets the pace of your entire life. You are ready to solve problems 24 hours a day, and are prepared for any unexpected situations because you know that they are inevitable. You do your best to settle any and all matters right on the spot as you just hate having some unresolved issues.

Only few can keep up with you, so you'd better not offer anyone to share your powers and responsibilities. It'll either erupt into an open conflict or create a situation of either one of you prospering at the expense of the other. That's why individual leadership style and team management suit you best.

Optimal growth area for professional development

You are most likely to achieve the highest professional success in a field that requires strict hierarchy. The notion "career ladder" was coined by people like you and is exploited by such people. You really need to see each and every interim stage to complete on your way to the top. Otherwise you'll be merely enduring your job feeling like a slave, and it will ultimately nullify your abilities and potential opportunities.

As for choosing a certain profession, you have a wide choice. You are able to show your worth in many occupations that require perseverance, cold blood, and tenacity of purpose. Career options available include business, science, industry, construction, military service. It is important that your activities are restricted by regulations only, and you are given absolute freedom of self-expression in other respects. Starting the game as a pawn, you can promote yourself to a queen.

Influence of Birth Day Number 8 on the choice of partner and family life

People with the Birth Day Number 8 take their search for a partner not as a romantic adventure only, but also as a quite sensible action with an ultimate goal. People of your type are rarely happy in a hasty marriage driven by blind affection not yet tested by time. The test in this case is an assessment of whether your partner's character matches your lifestyle.

The thing is, you are completely unable to adapt to another person. Tender sentiments will never become the basis of your existence. Living for love is not for you. Your life is dedicated to fulfilling your own potential. And you need to have someone who understands and accepts it by your side.

That's why you should choose someone you'll still love in 20 years, rather than one who you are crazy about today. This is a long-term investment, and the only right one for you.

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