Individual analysis of your character and evaluation of potential opportunities
in all aspects of your life: Expressed manifestations,
Professional self-actualization, Personal relationships, Health, Money.
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What is express report about?

The report contains objective information about who and what you are, as well as the point of view of those around,
what vices and virtues you are endowed with, and how your physical condition suits your goals.

You'll learn what spiritual aspirations are at the heart of your motivation, what your prospects in personal and social life are, and what kind of activities can form the basis of your material well-being.

Individual analysis based on your personality:


Here's is the information about the strengths of your nature, those"assets" you can count on in life. You'll learn what makes you turn right instead of going left, and why your desires don't always match the expectations of those around you. And you will understand the purpose of those qualities Fate has endowed you with, realize what actions you're supposed to take

Main reasons for failure

Gaps in your “defenses” and the disadvantages of your “offensive strategy” are described here. You'll learn the cases when you should be wary of the manifestations of your own nature, and when to be alert for someone else taking advantage of your weaknesses. This knowledge should allow you to change the balance of power and prevent yourself from getting "overboard" for the sole reason of having a set of unusual personal characteristics.

Optimal way of development

As soon as it turns out that Santa Claus doesn't really exist, every adequate person realizes that they have to spend money on Christmas gifts from now on. You'll learn what activities best match your inborn talents, and be able to guarantee a neverending holiday for yourself.


Some pay no attention to their health to the point when everything ends suddenly and irrevocably, in the "middle of action". Others take such vigorous care of themselves that things never come to such a "middle" at all. Here you will learn better when you should go see a doctor, and when to trust in providence.

What people think of you

People tend to be one-sided, sometimes completely wrong while judging how they are assessed by representatives of the opposite sex. In fact, they do not see what you see when you look in the mirror. And perceive you quite differently. Want to know how? Answers are here.

Where to look for financial success

Poverty - is no crime, but it is humiliating indeed. Often, absolutely gifted people with brilliant potential become hostages of their own inability to provide for a decent life. The reason, as a rule, is in choosing the wrong way of acquiring material well-being for each particular man. Want to know which method is optimal for you?