A detailed analysis of the relationship regarding seven basic issues:
Expressed manifestations of the relationship, Global compatibility frames,
Proximity points, Reasons for disagreement, Compatibility of characters,
Compatibility in marriage, Compatibility in love.
100%-precise calculation based on the birth dates

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What goes into express-analysis of the relationship?

This is a shorter version of the relationship analysis based on the partners personal data.

Express analysis provides information about the basis of your relationship helping both of you
to maintain it, as well as what you have in common and what the most significant differences in
your characters are. Moreover, how favorable the prospects of living together in marriage are
, and how long your love will last.

Individual analysis based on your personality:

Prospects of relations

Here you'll find the solution to the riddle of your partnership. You'll learn what attracted you to each other, what qualities of the partner suggested to each of you that your relationship is not accidental, it does have a future. You'll come to understand what determines the stability of your life, and what should be done to avoid unnecessary problems.

Compatibility in Love

This section is dedicated to emotional and sexual sides of the relationship between you and your partner. It provides unbiased assessment of their quality in general, and individual characteristics - in particular, as well as expert advice for their adjustment, if need be. Take advantage of it.

Compatibility in marriage

In this section you will learn about the extent to which each of you is endowed with the qualities necessary for a happy life in marriage. Don't worry if you find out that one of you is not responsible enough, or has weak striving for stability concerning domestic issues. Most of the necessary qualities may come with time.

Proximity Points

Here you'll find the information about possible ways of maintaining mutual understanding even if your natures are different as chalk and cheese. This information should help each of you develop a certain behavior pattern that is acceptable to both partners, and to determine the direction and type of collaborative efforts that will strengthen the existing relationship and form the basis for peaceful coexistence.

Key differences

This here is a map of pitfalls of your relationship. You'll learn what issues are bound to lead to conflicts, and what may be the root cause of the latter. As well as what prevents you and your partner from having a totally harmonious relationship. You'll also be provided with recommendations to address these types of complications.

Compatibility of characters

It's clear that this section contains a list of similarities and differences in your characters. As well as some information on how to round off rough corners and maximize the effective use of matching personal characteristics. These are simple tips for every day. Following them should make both partners happier.