The Numerology meaning of the 14 birthday

Someone with the Birth Day Number 14 is like a reserved seat with an open date and no expiration period. You are a traveler by nature due to the diversity of your talents, natural mobility, energy and self-confidence.

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Birth Day Number 14 potentials

You are sure that people should be always happy to welcome you and that you shall be of use wherever you go. If truth be told, you have all the good reason for thinking so. You are indeed loved and welcomed with arms wide opened.

Another thing is that it is difficult for you to stay in one place for long. You can easily switch between occupations and activities, friends, lovers, but not everyone is always ready for it. As a result people get offended and your reputation is damaged.

You should direct your creativity to achieve real results, stick to a certain lifestyle. This is the only way not to let your talents go down the drain.

Optimal growth area for professional development

People with Birth Day Number 14 will never hear the word "incompetent" in relation to their own personality. People like you are capable of engaging in any type of activities, including illegal ones. There are not too many moral restrictions in your personal Code of Conduct.

Therefore the relationships with your colleagues in the course of work interest you much more than any professional activities. Your place of work for you is a part of your life based on personal contacts of a specific type, nothing more. As a result, quitting your job, you change your environment first and foremost, not the occupation itself. Your knowledge and skills remain with you until the next fitting occasion.

That said, you are constantly in demand both as a professional and as a team member. You have no intention to dominate, you adapt quickly to any team and soon become its part and parcel, which is more than enough to build a career (if you ever have such an intention).

Influence of Birth Day Number 14 on the choice of partner and family life

You consider yourself being a gift of God to the mankind in general and to the representatives of the opposite sex in particular. Therefore consistency is not typical for you. You are sure you will never be on your own. But it's not even about this confidence, but more about your insatiable curiosity, you are so excited about your next partner. What's another ace your Destiny has up its sleeve?

Moreover, you do not want to give up your freedom. Although, if you think about it, what is in it for you? The ability to indulge your weaknesses and live large? Well, the right choice of a partner will not cut down your rights and opportunities, just on the contrary, it will expand your horizons while providing you with something reliable, constant, something free-fliers always lack.

Think about it at the right time. After all, God has never been short on gifts, and sooner or later there will inevitably appear someone in your environment who is more vibrant, gifted and new. This is when you understand that the moment has been hopelessly lost.

Your life will never be steady and quiet. You are a man of enthusiastic spirit, and changes is your bread and butter. You often change the direction and manner of actions under the influence of circumstances, and you partner should be ready for it. Otherwise, the day will come when you will have to make a choice between your family and your career.

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