Personalized recommendations on the five main components of your
life: Personal Relationships, Health, Money, Work, Study.
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What does express forecast include?

The report contains information about the events that are most likely to occur in your life, the ways you
should conduct yourself, and the reactions to your actions you might expect from others. You'll learn
when you need to resist the circumstances, and when just go with the flow, trusting your fate.


Job and Career




Personalized recommendations on the main
components of your life:

Personal relationships

Here lies the secret of solving problems of purely personal nature. You'll find out whether you should take up the initiative, or let the other person do it, whether to become a fisherman or a bait this year. As well as how to restore the relationship you regret having terminated.


The answer to the question: "Where is my money?". Direct recommendations on the most promising in terms of financial benefit actions. Should I work? Gamble? Find a money-bag and make him share? And what to do to stay in the win, even if you are already rich and have a good job at the same time.


Precise indications of your high risk areas, any ailments you should be wary of this year, and what actions need to be taken in order to stay in good physical shape.


Any adequate man knows: learning can and should last a lifetime. But that does not mean one has to be a "professional student." All in good time. You'll learn if this period is suitable for studying and, accordingly, for expanding the scope of your possibilities, as well as what knowledge and skills you should pay attention to in the first place.

Job and Career

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, as you know. Let's not turn into jacks, we have the right to choose. But, on the other hand, we have our commitments as well: to ourselves, to those who count on us. How can we balance all these? How to achieve prosperity and a noble rank and not overstrain at the same time? Answers are here.

Description of annual phases

This section will give you an idea of how to distribute your energy and talents so as not to live a year for nothing. You'll understand it yourself when you find out which annual phases will be favorable, which should have a neutral effect, and when you should refrain from any activities in order not to lose all at once.

To make it clearer, here are a few examples

Let's say you have excellent prospects in terms of personal relations, but crunch time at work, debts, and health problems. Ask yourself whether you will be able to feel the heat of passion in its full under such circumstances? Or should it be the other way round: You'll fail to pay due attention to the relationship, and quite possibly miss the best chance of your life? Maybe you shouldn't be trying to kill two birds with one shot, but wait and deal with the priority issues first instead.

Or you've found out that will have financial problems this year, and you strain every nerve to avoid them. But, at the same time, you're unaware of the fact that the best way of realizing your potential in this phase is by studying for a specific qualification. And it's the lack of the necessary skills as such that trigger future financial difficulties. As a result, the problem should remain, and a chance to change your professional status will be left behind.

Options are numerous, but the main point is the same: you need all the information. Only then you will know exactly what to do. And in this case only, you should be able to avoid the loss, as well as to turn a bad-luck-year into a happy and favorable one. Personal annual express-forecast includes information on all the main issues of one's daily life.