Expression Number

Nature sets a certain goal for each person, from the moment of their birth, a kind of strategic direction to follow. The way, which is laid to this goal throughout life, the events and situations arising on this path, mostly depend on the person, on their model of behavior. This model is laid down at the time of birth. The name given to the person contains the parameters of this model in the packed (folded) form. The most important of these parameters is the Number of Destiny.

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Interpretation of Expression Number

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Expression Number 1

Being an innovator by nature, you are constantly searching for new ideas and methods for their implementation. You are ready to support anyone in a difficult moment, often limiting yourself. You are able to motivate, inspire and bear responsibility. Your perseverance, determination and self-confidence allow you to take the leading role in society

Expression Number 2

You are sociable, patient and easily find a common language with absolutely all categories of people. You have the ability to see a person through thanks to strongly developed intuition. Possessing excellent communication skills, you can easily find yourself in the field of working with people. Your high level of communication skills can make you an excellent diplomat.

Expression Number 3

You are a go getting, active and lively person. You are able to perform a large amount of work. Your vigor and mobility can inspire others and motivate them to productive activities. All your energy and dynamism can be easily directed to a creative sphere. For example, you can easily realize your potential in the profession of a musician, TV presenter or actor.

Expression Number 4

Your focus on results and organizational abilities help you make dreams come true. You perfectly master the art of public speaking. You are capable of representing and defending interests of a team or an enterprise. You could easily find yourself in managerial activities.

Expression Number 5

You are inherently a very talented person. It is your abilities that will help you find a sphere for expressing yourself. In order to fully reveal all your talents, you should not limit yourself in freedom of action. You are inclined to communicate and travel.

Expression Number 6

You are a responsible, fair and conscientious person. All kinds of duties will not leave you in peace throughout your life. You are responsive, and treat requests for help with love and understanding. You pursue the goal of protecting public interests while treating your own with less preference. In the constant care of others, your potential talents may remain undiscovered.

Expression Number 7

You are a reasonable, resourceful, and inquisitive person. You are attracted to many areas of activity that require high intellectual abilities. You have flexibility of thinking, stiff upper lip, ability to eliminate ambiguities. You are a person constantly striving to comprehend new knowledge and find answers to unsolvable puzzles. Your outstanding abilities will find a brilliant application in the work of a scientist or a teacher.

Expression Number 8

You are a spiritually strong and confident person. You want to achieve the best results in any field. Even in most difficult situations, you never allow yourself to give up in despair. You do not shift away from the goal, until you have exhausted all possible options. Competition, rivalry and life barriers appeal to you, they make you stronger.

Expression Number 9

You are a dreamer, a person with an idealized worldview. You are a person striving to build a better future and stimulating others to do so. You pursue the goal of cultivating humanity and harmony in society. You play the role of public defender. You consider it your duty to uphold the rights of those who are not able to do it themselves.

Expression Number 11

You have the ability to generate good ideas; however, quite often you are not sure of your abilities. You have the most energetically charged number of Destiny. You perform the function of transferring energy vibrations sent from above. Maintaining the psychological and emotional balance, you will be able to control this flow of energy.

Expression Number 22

You are a purposeful and responsible person with great opportunities for living up to your potential. You are focused on solving complex and difficult tasks. You do not waste your time on reaching small goals. It is important for you to leave your mark in the history of humankind. With your fate number 22, the likelihood of achieving such goals is maximized.

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