Meaning of the Life Path Number reveals deep insights into your potential

Your Life Path Number presents a broad outline of your opportunities. It encompasses both everything that you will achieve and everything you will have to do throughout your entire life. The only thing is how to find your Life Path Number, and then perceive and interpret this knowledge.

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Even if the calculated result indicates that Your Path is a path of freedom, don't rush to file a divorce petition or pour a glass of water on your boss's head. This is a mere statement of the fact that it's not in your nature to put up with any restrictions to your personal freedom; it's an inherent trait of yours, and you have what it takes to get round these restrictions.

But after all, it is for you to decide what you value most – family, career or quiet joy of watching sunrises.

How to calculate the meaning of your Life Path number based on the date of your birth

Life Path Number is the first of the Master Numbers that make up the Numerology Core. This is what you need to know about yourself. The calculations are simple to do and performed through a process of repeated addition. At this stage, no mistake is allowed.

Let us see how to discover what your Life Path Number is. For example, if you were born November 14, 1973, add 11 (for the number of the month of November) to 14 and 1973. The technique is as follows: 14+11=25, 1973+25=1998, 1+9+9+8=27, 2+7=9. Hence, the Life Path number will be 9. The calculation in this example can be easily done in head – but it gives you insights into the Numerology of your Life Path.

Meaning of Life Path Numbers in a nutshell

Life Path Number 1 Numerology MeaningLife Path Number 1. Analytical abilities, courage, quick wit, and an absolute moral certainty in choosing the direction enable people of this Number to find new ways of self-expression, new sources of income, and, above all, the right to have the upper hand in any undertaking. They are leaders who can stick to their own guns and bear responsibility for every action.

Life Path Number 2 Numerology MeaningLife Path Number 2. Their natural kindness, sympathy, decency, and honesty go hand in hand with outstanding insight and attention to detail. These traits enable this Number to understand underlying motives of people's behavior and find ways to resolve disputes in a manner acceptable to all parties. They are peace-keepers who maintain balance and harmony in the world.

Life Path Number 3 Numerology MeaningLife Path Number 3. Creative talent, ability to make a vivid impression on others, high level of emotional sensitivity. Self-fulfillment is possible in any field related to art. Given the right distribution of energy potential, the highest results can be achieved. They are optimists with a sensible heart, somewhat disorganized, but cheerful, and with a big heart.

Life Path Number 4 Numerology MeaningLife Path Number 4. Outstanding performance capability, physical and emotional stamina, reliability and responsibility. Consequently, an ability to become an indispensable part of any professional group. They achieve not only financial well-being, but also high social status based on earned respect. They are men of practice, the doers, who always know what and how to do.

Life Path Number 5 Numerology MeaningLife Path Number 5. This Number is quick on the toes, energetic, sociable, cheerful, and observant, has highly developed instinct for money. The best opportunities are in such areas as commerce, show business, and public activities. Observance and quick reaction enable this Number to manage a lot, and never waste time. They are travelers who find money on the way.

Life Path Number 6 Numerology MeaningLife Path Number 6. Strong sense of duty, genuine beauty of soul, sympathy, compassion and inherent need to service the others. These qualities reveal the opportunity of doing good unselfishly and give it to the world. A straw for the drowning man to clutch at; a person who can be always relied on without any fear of consequences.

Life Path Number 7 Numerology MeaningLife Path Number 7. Unique identity, sophisticated mind, creative abilities, refinement, and pedantic attitude to any undertaking open up virtually unlimited opportunities. Almost any field that meets the soul's aspirations cam be chosen for self-fulfillment. An ordinary genius who neither demands, nor expects understanding.

Life Path Number 8 Numerology MeaningLife Path Number 8. They are fearless people with a persistent determination, verging on stubbornness, a steadfast self-confidence, skill in people management, and tenacity of purpose that commands a lot of respect. Hence, unique opportunities for self-fulfillment in business. Vast knowledge, consistency, composure, and ability to make others bend to their will help achieve maximum possible results in any undertaking.

Life Path Number 9 Numerology MeaningLife Path Number 9. Intuitiveness, idealistic view of things, kindness, mercy, and rich creative imagination enable changing and improving the reality. Creation of some unimaginable projects may sometimes give rise to truly brilliant findings, capable to change the face of our world. A dreamer, embracing the world.

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