Psychomatrix And Pythagoras Square

Here you can calculate the square of Pythagoras values online based on the date of birth of either a person or event. Pythagoras Square and psychomatrix in Numerology allow you to create a detailed psychological portrait of a person, learn all your innate qualities expressed in figures and inscribed in a certain way in a square of nine cells.

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Minor Values

Mission Potential

Meaning of Psychomatrix Cells

Each separate cell in the square of Pythagoras carries information about a person.

The numeric value of the cell corresponds to an absolutely definite quantitative and, accordingly, qualitative indicator implying certain degree of intensity of a particular personal characteristic.

By comparing the cell indicators, one can obtain comprehensive information about what an individual in question is, both as a person and as a social unit. Thus eliminating the chance of error while assessing their potential, one can avoid a whole lot of problems, which inevitably (and often) occur in situations when someone is asked of something they are not capable of providing.

«1» - power of character
«2» - human energy
«3» - cognitive potential
«4» - health potential
«5» - intuition and logic
«6» - aptitude for work
«7» - luck
«8» - level of responsibility
«9» - memory and intelligence
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Meaning of Psychomatrix Lines

Psychomatrix line combines the values of all its constituent cells. No character trait, no matter how strong or weak it may be, can determine one's personality solely, without a connection to a number of associated qualities.

For example, commitment of a leader without any pragmatism or the ability to learn from life is transformed into unreasonable ambition. And that is how the Financial Stability Line should be read, even if the number of ones in the appropriate box is maximized.

Proper understanding of the information contained in a psychomatrix line allows you to become fully aware of each of the main faces of a man, as well as to predict their possible reaction to a particular situation in life.

Sense of Purpose
Aptitude for Family Life
Working Efficiency
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