Individual Forecast
for the Year 2022

To make up scripts and plans of a successful life, we need clues and hints that will help us prepare for "unexpected" future. A glimpse of the future is a chance to make our life incredibly beautiful and happy.
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What is this book about?

People are divided into two categories: those who are constantly running out of time, and those who do not know what to do with it. The former are exhausted by the constant state of tension, inability to grasp the immensity. The latter lead an aimless life since they are sure that their initiative is doomed to failure.

Both of them are mistaken. Human life is enough to make any dream come true. Nothing is impossible for someone who knows how to properly arrange days, weeks, years granted to him.

Each failure (with no exception) is a result of wrong timing. And "time" in this case is both about the external circumstances, as well as one's own inner spirit.

Entering marriage at a time when all thoughts are focused on personal needs only should not last long.

Business begun at the time when physical and moral potential is depleted and needs time to recover won't turn out well.

Approximately two out of a hundred men can intuitively determine when and what to do to get a certain result. The rest of us need guidance.

Personal numerological forecast for the year is a detailed timetable of your life with all potentially productive actions scheduled precisely to the day, and every twist of fate is foreseen in advance.

Refusing to take advantage of this knowledge is the same as rejecting a map before travelling through unfamiliar territory. If you choose to follow all the directions though, you're sure to find your way.

Features of the book

  • Electronic version - You can read it on any device: smartphone, computer or tablet.
  • Print version - The book is formated so that it can be printed at home.
  • This book is about you - Exclusive content based on the analysis of your date of birth and name.
  • Author's texts - Paragraphs are written in plain, easy-to-grasp-the-idea language.
  • Full of recommendations - The book contains a lot of personalized advice and recommendations applicable to real life.


  • Main trend of the year
  • Numerologist comments - Tips on four areas that form the basis of everyone's life: Money and business; Work and Career; Health; Personal life
  • Daily forecast for every day

What will you learn exactly and how will you apply it for yourself?

Sample Forecast

Why do you need an Annual Forecast if everything is described in detail for each month and even for each day?

Today you may be a citizen of UK, and tomorrow you move to Canada. The day after tomorrow you may get divorced, in a week you will find treasure on the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, and in a month – undergo a surgery to change your skin color. But your eyes will still remain green!

The same is true for annual forecast: in the space of 365 years anything may happen. Except for what is invariably excluded. For example, every day you will be in contact with most attractive and worthy men and women. But if this year of your life is predisposed for work (Numbers 4 or 8) – you will not fall in love.

Section 2. Numerologist's Comment

It is the most valuable part of the forecast. For all reasons: both considering how useful personal recommendations from a giant of the Russian Numerology are, and regarding their actual cost (we dread to remember how much we paid for them).

Advice on the Aspects Forming the Basis of Everyone's Life:

  • Money and Business
  • Work and Career
  • Health
  • Private life

In the forecast for the year 2022, we expanded the range of matters to request for a Numerologist's comment. Actually, it has nothing to do with the current complicated situation in Russia. We are just meeting requests of our regular subscribers.

Money and Business. When and What can you Risk?

Sample Forecast

Today it may only concern some petty cash, but tomorrow the result of many years of effort, your only guarantee of decent life may be at stake.

From this Block you will learn:

  • When can you expect success of a most hopeless pursuit?
  • When should you save every penny you can and refuse any requests even from your near and dear?
  • What is the right way to allocate your energy and financial resources?
  • When should you give up everything you are doing and start from scratch?

Opportunities for Growth. Work and Career

Sample Forecast

Nowadays, women need information of this kind not less than men. Unfortunately – even more, as the law of jungle is especially harsh on them.

Still, for both it is important to know:
  • How can you maintain and improve your status?
  • When had you better search for an extra job, and when should you hold on to your primary one?
  • What are the ways to develop your professional competence to be unafraid of rivalry?
  • When can you have some rest?

Ways to Maintain and Improve your Health

Sample Forecast

We usually start taking care of our health only when there is one way left to do it – undergo treatment.

However, if you pay attention to yourself and your condition, you will rest in a beach lounge chair instead of lying in hospital bed.

This Part will answer the questions:
  • How can you keep protective functions of your body?
  • How can you protect yourself from injuries and infections?
  • How can you prevent recurrence of previous illnesses?
  • What preventive measures do you need to take at this or that moment?

Private Life

Sample Forecast

The Internet teems with advice on this topic. It is not that it is all wrong. The problem is that these recommendations are universal; they are intended for everybody, for no one in particular.

This part of our comments is only for you. It will help you:
  • Not to chase the wild goose.
  • To learn to tell the start of a serious relationship from another foolish mistake.
  • Not to compel yourself to do things that wound your heart and burden your soul.
  • To find the strength to try once again.

Detailed Short-term Forecasts

Monthly Forecast

Sample Forecast

Forecast based on Personal Month Number is the key part of the material. Why? It is the easiest to use.

Every sane person is able to plan their actions four weeks in advance by taking into account recommendations on each item – from the Global Cycle of Life to tips for tomorrow's night.

If it is the first time you order an annual Personal Forecast, you have enough time think it over and see it for yourself.

Daily Forecast

Sample Forecast

You will learn to use Numerology in practice. Daily forecast is made through calculation of influences of several numbers in advance. However, sometimes these influences contradict each other.

Which one to choose to believe? Believe the one that suits you. If you are going into labour tomorrow, skip recommendations to be cautious when doing extreme sports. If you are on vacation, you may not call your boss to demand a pay raise.

Moreover, a day is a whole of 12 hours. Everyone must have had a cheerful cloudless morning changing into a dull overcast afternoon. You may get married, turn bankrupt and emigrate within 60 minutes of one day.

Thank you for your interest in our books!

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