Master of Luck

Luck comes to you purely by good chance. Luck is an outcome of a random, unpredictable combination of circumstances. This is what many people think – and that is their mistake. The secret of lucky people is that fortune favors those who are ready to welcome it. Those who know where and when they should be and are ready to take actions.
Be the master of your luck!
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What is this book about?

Luck chooses those who are ready to it. It is what popular wisdom says. However, we are often blind and miss the only chance we have. We often pass our luck by without seeing it, while we should have sunk our teeth into the chance that was given to us. Every missed chance arises from you being not ready to use it. Eventually we miss our luck or pass it by.

Your personal copy of the book Master of Luck will give you recommendations on:

  • What rules to follow to become lucky.
  • What elements make up your personal Puzzle of Luck.
  • How to be at the right place in the right time.

Your personal copy of the book Master of Luck is a schedule of working hours of your fairy godmother, your guardian angel, your personal spell for luck, your Fortune – whatever you like to call it.

This book reveals secrets of personal luck. You will learn how to attract happiness, love, money and health to your life, how to be lucky in your professional career and business.

Start acting and be lucky!

The electronic version of the book is available for reading on any device.
In addition, you can download the illustrated, printable version.
PDF format.

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What is this book about?

Regretting missed chances is the most futile exercise, they say. It is indeed, if you limit yourself to regretting only, without trying to change anything.

The only 100% effective way to avoid grieving about missed opportunities is not to miss them. Easier said, than done? It's not that hard to achieve such a state of affairs. Understanding the causes of bad luck and consistently eliminating them should suffice. Once and for all. Then good luck will follow you like a shadow.

What are the causes often leading to failure? There are only three:

  • lack of opportunities - one may be skillful enough, but the circumstances are such that he can't utilize those skills;
  • lack of talents - one gets chances that do not correspond to his talents and skills,
  • lack of readiness - a man misses real opportunities to utilize their talents simply because they haven't expected such a coincidence or were busy doing something else.

Just like that. Therefore, a good chance is a timely coincidence of external circumstances and internal potential. Simply put, if the "what?" "how?" and "when?" are brought together, success is guaranteed.

How can you achieve it? You don't actually need to achieve anything. Ready-to-use technique, allowing you to know when all the elements required for a positive result are present, already exists.

Personal copy of the "Master of Luck" book is your fairy godmother's, guardian angel's, your fortune's, whatever you call it, working schedule.

Take advantage of this exclusive information, and very soon people will no longer wish you good luck. There'll be no need for it.

Features of the book

  • Electronic version - You can read it on any device: smartphone, computer or tablet.
  • Print version - The book is formated so that it can be printed at home.
  • This book is about you - Exclusive content based on the analysis of your date of birth and name.
  • Author's texts - Paragraphs are written in plain, easy-to-grasp-the-idea language.
  • Full of recommendations - The book contains a lot of personalized advice and recommendations applicable to real life.


  • "Master of Luck" technique description with examples based on the analysis of your data (name and date of birth). Recommendations are included in the book alongside with the presentation.
  • Calendar of successful days - Easy and informative indicator of the luck level for any chosen day of the year.
  • Overview of the most successful areas of activity within the year and the month in question.
  • Description of positive and negative influences for each day with respect to your personal numbers.

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