The Numerology meaning of the 20 birthday

Birth Day Number 20 implies high sensitiveness and emotion, but, at the same time, it means acute power of observation, insight, attention to details which no one takes into consideration. Hence the ability to observe the situation from different angles, to understand the motives of near strangers.

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Birth Day Number 20 potentials

All this gives you the opportunity of manifesting yourself as an indispensable advisor, a mediator who can handle a coming conflict by a couple of phrases, timely and suitable for the occasion.

You yourself often act as a destabilizing factor, though. You fail to control your emotions at all times, and in cases of emergency your judgment might not keep up with your impulsive reactions.

Optimal growth area for professional development

The optimal area for professional fulfillment in your case is diplomacy. You’ll succeed at any level - from the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the adman or insurance agent.

Moreover, you may well manifest yourself in law and medical diagnostics where the attention to details and the ability to say nasty things with a nice face are essential.

But, in general, you will be appreciated in any team of any professional field. Sometimes you will be cherished for your ability to give invaluable advice, and sometimes – for the environment you create by your mere presence.

The only thing not recommended for you is a manager's position or your own big business. You are a very responsible person and, therefore, you do not like to accept responsibility.

Influence of Birth Day Number 20 on the choice of partner and family life

Your love life is always built on the feeling. Being in love gives you the sense of belonging to great mysteries of life. People of your type rarely enter into a marriage of convenience. The exception is moral and emotional emptiness – when heart is broken, and nothing matters anymore. But still, even then you’ll be doing your best to give your partner maximum attention to compensate for the lack of true affection.

However, even true and mutual love doesn’t guarantee you a happy marriage. In everyday life, you’ll make a perfect spouse – a clever interlocutor, a reliable friend, caring and passionate lover. But should your partner give you a reason for jealousy, your impulsive reaction may in an instant destroy everything you've built over the years.

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