How to read your Numerology relationship compatibility

The key issue when planning a relationship of any kind is compatibility. Typically, the first thing that you think of when you read (or hear) the word "compatibility" is sexual relations. However, mutual understanding with friends, family and – in particular – colleagues is sometimes far more important than compatibility in love or marriage. However those two aspects matter too.

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As a rule, attempts to assess the degree of compatibility at a glance, on the basis of external signs alone, lead to inaccurate results. The fact that you enjoy social gatherings, while the other prefers silence and being alone, does not imply that you cannot find common ground at all. By the same token, an evident difference between creative and purely practical approaches is not bound to hinder cooperation between creators and practitioners.

In such cases numerological analysis is essential. It helps to compile a thorough Numerology compatibility report and reveal some common personal attributes that remain undiscovered, in all possible aspects: from mental make-up and temperament to attitude to things and money. In other words, it helps to predict what the relationships may come to.

Marriage compatibility and relationship compatibility by date of birth

It is quite clear that Numerology analyses potential partners' names and dates of birth to assess their Numerology relationship compatibility. We may not go into detail and limit ourselves to the most superficial analysis of prospects of any alliance, but it is still evident that partners' similarity in certain character traits is a key factor in building bridges.

One day, you can meet someone who you are absolutely not attracted to. But it may turn out that both of you go in the same direction, both have common goals, as well as certain personal features to achieve the desired result; then the lack of mutual attraction will cease to be an obstacle. Here is direct evidence of compatibility in business relationship.

Another variant: there is a gulf between your fields of expertise. However, you share identical views of life, philosophy, ethical norms. No doubt, business cooperation is out of the question. But you have a chance to end up with a true friendship based on the pillar of mutual understanding.

All information about such differences and similarities is in your names and dates of birth. That is your Numerology compatibility.

Numerology love compatibility and compatibility for business

Love compatibility and compatibility for business are popularly said to be wide apart or even opposed. This principle has become a non-written rule asserting that you shouldn't mix love with business, otherwise you fail in both. Quite often, that's the way it goes.

Yet, sometimes you may feel a strong inclination to get round this rule. For instance, you have what you consider your lifework: a family business where you have literally grow-up from childhood, or a profession that you have virtually grown into. So you simply cannot imagine a relationship with someone who has little to do with your field and hence can neither understand, nor share your hardships and triumphs.

At the same time, you are surrounded by dozens of experts in your industry and crowds of admirers. So you have to decide in favour of that single variant that at the same time includes compatibility in love, compatibility in marriage and business compatibility – with at least fifty percent each!

An admirer can easily deceive you. But Numerology cannot be deceived. Check out each potential candidate to assess your Numerology marriage compatibility and you will avoid fatal errors.

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