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35 -lesson course for beginners

For Beginners

Who is this training program for?

The absolute majority of people make their way through life as if they were walking through a dark forest with a flashlight. They react to what the beam falls on. They get scared, hesitate, change the direction they go in and lose any orientation cues. Still, they stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that they have got lost, and see neither their way, nor their ultimate goal.

Fortunately, there are others. Those who want to be at the helm and know what they need from life.

Yes, you are one of them! You ask questions and demand answers, you need to understand what happens to you and why.

It is you for whom I have developed a course on Numerology consisting of 35 lessons that you will receive once in three days. This course contains not only answers to all questions, but also knowledge that will enable you to help other people and lead those who have got lost out of the dark forest.

What is practical Numerology?

It is a super weapon against the chaos of life. It has always existed. That is why the history of Numerology stretches back thousands of years. The thing is, it is the only successful attempt of humans to understand the surrounding world, clear the mind from the dead weight of others' judgments and develop a strong feeling of being an important part of the Universe.

I offer all this to you – absolutely free of charge. Since the very first stage of the course, you will perceive the surrounding world in an absolutely different way, with a full consciousness of your involvement in the process of change.

What will you learn?

  • First and foremost, who you really are.
  • Which of your ideas are feasible, and which ones are doomed to failure.
  • What person you really need, and why you had better stay away from others, no matter what an inviting prospect a close contact may seem.
  • What duty you have to the world.
  • What your family needs to be completely happy.
  • How to achieve stable income without any initial capital.

However, if you are an altruist like me, it is much more important for you to know:

  • How to prevent your significant other from making a fatal mistake;
  • What advice to give to a friend who believes that his or her situation is hopeless;
  • How to become an indispensable member of the society, someone who people cannot do without.

All this is contained in the name and the date of birth. Yours, if you are interested in your own fate only, and those of other people if you want to become an oracle for them.

It is very simple!

In my first six letters, I will teach you to make calculations that enable you to know what others do not. Therefore, you will at once get to understand what the saying "Knowledge is power" means. You will feel control over your destiny, feel that you are the master of life.

Uncertainty, fears and doubts will fade away. Once you master practical Numerology, you will always know where you are going and why, and, most importantly, you will be able to guide others.

Course Program

Part 1 - Core Numbers

  1. Numerology and its practical use
  2. Numbers and their meanings
    • Features of core numbers
    • Karmic & master numbers
    • Numerological calculations
    • Rules of addition in numerology
  1. Influence of Numbers on Destiny
    • Birth Date and Opportunities
    • Full Name and Abilities
    • Correlation between the person's opportunities and abilities
  1. Expression Number
  2. Heart's Desire Number
  3. Personality Number
  4. Birthday Number
  5. Life Path Number
  6. Numerological Core
    • Relations between name numbers
    • Relations between birth date numbers
    • Correlation between name and birth date (Maturity Number)
  7. Karmic Numbers
    • Name karmic numbers
    • Birth date karmic numbers
  8. Master Numbers
    1. Name master numbers
    2. Birth date master numbers

Part 2 - Talents And Abilities

  1. Name Numbers Hierarchy
  1. The meaning of the numbers of a short name, surname and middle name
  2. Name and psychotype, expression plans
  3. The letters of the name and range of abilities
  4. Weaknesses and the number of hidden confidence.
  5. Special letters of the name

Part 3 - Fate And Future

  1. Numerological map of the future
  1. Life Path Periods
  2. Pinnacles and Challenge Numbers
  3. Personal year number
  4. Transformation number
  5. Numerological transit numbers
  6. Personal month and day numbers

Part 4 - Practical Numerology

  1. Choice of a Profession
  2. Lucky numbers
  3. Name change
  4. Choosing a name for the child
  5. Which phone number is right for you?
  6. Angel Numbers - Do you see repeating numbers?
  7. Numbers and compatibility.
  8. Date of birth of the perfect partner.
  9. Numbers and loneliness.
  10. Numerology and health.
  11. Can I change my destiny?

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