Name Letters And Range Of Opportunities

Each number contained in the person's full name – Expression Number, Heart's Desire Number, and Personality Number – is to some extent responsible for their inborn abilities and talents. However, any of these numbers by itself only gives direction for in-depth analysis, that is essential to gain insight into one's abilities and prospects of their use.

The reference data for such analysis include all the numbers corresponding to the letters in the full name. So, impact degree of each number – with regard to both quantitative and qualitative characteristics – has to be identified with the highest accuracy, before final conclusions can be drawn. This is the only way to put the puzzle together and gain a clear picture of the actual situation.


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Numerological Spectrum of the Name

A thorough analysis allowing to identify the presence of this or that ability is quite easy to carry out. A certain number corresponds to each letter of the full name. Write your name in a row of numbers, and you will see that some numbers appear more often than others, while some numbers are missing. So, accordingly, the more often a number appears, the stronger its quality is expressed, whereas a number's rare occurrence indicates that the corresponding quality is at an infant stage, and its further development is almost hopeless.

Moreover, the dominant influence of Major Name Numbers shouldn't be forgotten. Should you, say, have only a single letter in your name that corresponds to number 7, but this very number is your Expression Number or Heart's Desire Number, then abilities of the seven are quite strongly expressed, and shouldn't be disregarded.

Subtle Abilities

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Regular Abilities

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Most Pronounced Abilities

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