The Numerology meaning of the 7 birthday

Your key functional strength is in your flexible, analytical mind, and ability to make balanced decisions. This makes the world around you quite simple and understandable. You aren't daunted by any unforeseen circumstances, as you have a clear understanding of causal relationships between events, and are always ready for any development of the situation.

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Birth Day Number 7 potentials

You are able to control your emotions, and take a dim view of other people's impulsive behavior. In all your actions you are guided by logic and your natural intuition. Through constant development of this gift, you can achieve whatever you dream of.

However, you are well aware that your abilities are highly individual, so they can be hardly used as admission fee or a share in a joint venture. That's why in most cases you act independently and rely on your own capabilities.

Optimal growth area for professional development

People with the Birth Day Number 7 are not simple solo performers, they are improvisers. You won't be contented with a profession that few people can master, a job where you can flaunt your talents. You need a rhythmic and eventful activity similar to rapid chess, something that would require keeping the whole picture in mind and making fast decisions. Only then you can truly enjoy your work.

Such professions are quite numerous. You can choose to pursue a career in financial management, or business of any level; join the army special forces or find a job with a law enforcement agency. Some other careers that would perfectly suit you are: diagnostician or emergency doctor, professional athlete in an individual sport, or team coach.

Finally, the full range of careers related to arts is open to you, so you can basically choose whatever job you like – from film director to expert in ancient ceramics.

Influence of Birth Day Number 7 on the choice of partner and family life

People with the Birth Day Number 7 are usually very particular when it comes to picking a life partner. However, it's a negative kind of pickiness. In other words, you focus on your partner's weaknesses instead of accentuating their strengths. You won't weigh up the pros and cons objectively. When contemplating, you merely try to find the way to suppress their negative character traits. From the very beginning you seek confrontation.

Consequently, whatever your partner does, you disapprove of it, and start nitpicking at them over smaller details. So you'll either achieve total subordination and obedience, or – should your partner have a strong character – have to look for another victim.

However, your potential partner may seem faultless and almost perfect at first sight. In such a case you will forgive their even most obvious mistakes and stay true to them, however long your relationship may last.

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