The Numerology meaning of the 11 birthday

Birthday Number 11 implies seer's intuition and excellent knowledge of the anatomy of the human soul. Those who are unaware, or don't know you well, may sometimes get an impression of you being a wizard. You perceive the motion of other people's thoughts so clearly as to be able to guess every word unsaid, to interpret every hidden intention.

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Birth Day Number 11 potentials

And this talent is haunting you. Genuine people's desires make a painful impression on you causing almost physical pain. A direct consequence of this is your desire to improve the world inspiring people with bright and lofty thoughts. And this is a very peculiar manifestation of your leadership qualities. You cannot force others obey and follow you. However, you are able to inspire them with your own example making logical, deliberate actions aimed at achieving a "righteous" goal.

Optimal growth area for professional development

You are more of an academician than a man of action by nature. The fundamentals of being interest you much more than present day hot topics. Therefore, don't waste time trying a hand in business that requires the ability to quickly react to a particular situation. In this area you may manifest yourself well as a consultant capable of perceiving what is going on and accurately predicting the impact of each action taken.

However, the most promising and beneficial area for you is science. Any science will do, starting with astrophysics and ending with statistics. Your analytical skills and the ability to link the cause and effect should be an excellent tool for conducting research.

Another field of activity best suiting your talents is collaborative work. You will be able to define the goal and set up your team to achieve it playing down certainly dead-end activities as you advance. Probably, you might not be a generator of ideas but "a process catalyst" for sure.

Influence of Birth Day Number 11 on the choice of partner and family life

The quality of private and family life of a person with Birth Day Number 11 depends on luck in a lot of ways. You're too sensitive to be able to fight your appetence. Therefore, even if you knew in advance that the relationship with a specific person would bring you nothing but pain, you still would not consider giving it up.

And love is blind, people say. The object of your heart's desire could be a person with qualities that do not meet the needs of your soul. This is when your hypersensitivity becomes your Achilles' heel constantly exposed to the arrows of the partner's character negative manifestations.

You definitely need to find a partner capable of turning your sensitivity into a tool for strengthening the relationship. First of all, at the physiological level. After all, generosity of the soul often implies generosity of the body. You are a person of facile and ductile character. You need a pat on the back.

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