The Number 1

One, among the numbers of the numerological core, is a clear evidence that you are entrusted with a certain mission, and sooner or later you will have to accomplish it. You won't manage to stay away from situations requiring courage and determination and avoid complications and responsibility forever. The day is sure to come when you perform an Action with a capital A. And it will be the major step on your way, the most striking fact of biography, the action for which you will be assessed by your contemporaries and remembered by your descendants.

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Positive qualities

The Number 1 Numerology Meaning

The most important positive quality of the One is independent thinking. There is no authoritative opinion for you, and you never treat someone else's experience as ground for conclusions. If you know something for sure, your conclusions in each case are the result of your own personal experience.

This is where your originality, courage, resourcefulness, and also the ability to persuade and control people come from. Confidence in the fairness of your judgments eliminates hesitations. Determination and firmness are the most attractive qualities of a leader.

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Negative qualities

Negative qualities of the Ones are, in most cases, the reverse side of their virtues. You have no doubt about your ability to think logically which leads to know-it-all behavior and stubbornness. The direct consequences of strong leadership skills are selfishness, authoritarianism and aggression.

The One is able to control the crowd, but never becomes a part of it. You do not consider yourself being the first among equals. You are just the First, unconditionally. Hence the cynicism, self-will, boasting, vanity and a tendency for impulsive actions no one can hold you back from.

Name Numerology

One in the name numerology – Minor Expression Number, Heart's Desire Number and Personality Number – indicates the abilities that ensure the person’s originality and uniqueness. This, in the first place, is the ability to find ways and means of self-realization fundamentally different from the ones well-known.

You are one of those people who are not interested in questions answers to which exist for sure. You prefer a problem that can yet be solved only theoretically.

Pioneering spirit can remain dormant in you for years. But when there is a chance to use your abilities at their most, it will take you one decisive advance to cover the way which for others would take up a lifetime.

Birthday Numerology

One in the date of birth – Life Path Number and Birth Day Number – promises you exceptional opportunities for personal growth and for using your inherent qualities in all spheres of life.

The circumstances will often almost force you to display miraculous ingenuity and endurance. The result of such actions will always be some kind of know-how, a new method, a free niche in business. And this, in turn, will provide you with a chance to seriously affect the lives of people around you.

Numerology Core

One in the numerological Core is almost always a potentially high level of professionalism, but a very special professionalism: focused, selective, and sometimes one of a kind.

You can "discover" an occupation for yourself. That is, you can find a new business field, master the knowledge and skills others have in isolation, but only you – combined.

However, if you dedicate your life to some common-or-garden kind of occupation, you can become a model to follow constantly bringing in new elements and improving your own skills.

Love & Relationships

Influence of One on a person’s private life can be very ambiguous. Gender relations is an area where positive and negative manifestations of personality are so much transformed that it is difficult to distinguish between them.

In particular, the inherent to the One impulsiveness, boastfulness and arrogance, generally considered a disadvantage, often look compelling advantages in the affairs of love. At the same time, penchant for logical constructions and firmness of opinion may be regarded as excessive caution and tediousness.

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