The Number 6

Six, among the numbers of the numerological core, is self-denial, bordering on self-sacrifice, willingness to serve as a priest to a god; this is dedication, loyalty and honesty inherent to the knights of yore and the followers of Mother Teresa. Influence of Six can make your life a real penance. People of your type can be found among the members of the World Health Organization assisting the sick and the hungry in the Third World. They believe their actions to be the greatest blessing possible.

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Positive qualities

The Number 6 Numerology Meaning The main virtue of the Six is true humanism and truly cordial attitude towards people. You can be a liquidator working for the government, or even a tax inspector, but, at the same time, stick to your ideas that human life is sacred, and the right of freedom of expression is undeniable.

Seriously, you are a really kind and sympathetic person capable of giving away your last possession to those who need it most. Your loved ones know that you are the person they can count on, always and everywhere.

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Negative qualities

Weaknesses of the Six are, in most cases, their virtues that got out of control. Defending a friend, you can be cruel and merciless to an enemy. Your willingness to sacrifice your own interests for the sake of others may give rise to the desire for martyrdom, which is pride. The same is true about your confidence in the aptness of everything you are doing.

The latter can cause serious conflicts with the nearest and dearest. Ignoring all reasonable arguments, you can drive others crazy proving to them that you are interfering in their life and destroy their plans with the best of motives.

Name Numerology

Six in the name numerology – Minor Expression Number, Heart's Desire Number and Personality Number – means the ability to be faithful to the end, no matter what the circumstances are. This is the gift of compassion and understanding which manifests itself even towards the unfamiliar people.

You have the talent of creating strong relationships based on a genuine feeling. You can turn the most miserable place into a cozy home. Finally, you are able to keep harmony and balance in the family even when it seems completely impossible to the rest of the family.

Birthday Numerology

Six in the date of birth – Life Path Number and Birth Day Number – indicates the characteristic opportunities of this number. Are the Sixes lucky? Maybe they are. It all depends on the definition of luck.

You will find yourself at the right time in the right place only to find another person in need of assistance and take on another load of responsibility. Since almost everyone needs some kind of support, you won’t feel the lack of such opportunities. This is your way of living.

Numerology Core

You have a lot of options for professional self-fulfillment. The question is what you decide to choose. It is meaningless to list all the occupations suitable for you. There are too many of them. The sense and overall purpose of your activity is much more important.

You are not too ambitious and can be satisfied by simply performing your duties within some inconspicuous position. The absence of complaints will be a sufficient therapy for your self-esteem. It may also happen that you will intentionally seek the activity which is worthy of the greatness of your soul and your ability to sacrifice yourself for the good of others. Then your occupation turns into self-devotion.

Love & Relationships

Despite the apparent predisposition of the Six to the long and stable relations within marriage, their personal life does not always go well. In four cases out of five it is the first experience of intimacy with the opposite sex which is particularly painful. The reason is obvious: there will always be someone willing to take advantage of a sincere feeling of a good and naive person.

Only those whose fate is similar to yours can truly appreciate you. That is, a person with similar life experience. Each of you will become a "reward" for the other for their past failures.

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