Opportunities associated with Life Path Number 1

Life Path Number 1 reveals opportunities of the explorer. Excellent memory and analytical mind, ability to fully concentrate on the problem, strong will and courage – all these qualities help the Ones discover new areas to apply their efforts and new directions for self-expression.

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Life Path Number 1 Numerology MeaningIn their youth, vivid perception might trigger the Ones to switch their interests once too often. However, on entering mature age, the Ones get a clearer idea of their goals in life. This is when virtually unlimited opportunities open up to them.

The One is among those who can truly learn by their own experience. Whatever happens in their life, whatever successes and failures they face, – all adds to their active potential. The One has an ability to think not only as an innovator, but as a critic, and this helps to identify causes of victories and defeats, and wisely adapt their planned actions.

Life often offers the Ones chances which others miss due to their lack of invention and creativity, or a mere lack of self-confidence. That's why many think that Ones are just lucky. Yet, their high productivity is obtained through the ability to keep their goal in mind and never lose the direction.

Key areas for professional development

The Ones have an amazingly large and diverse variety of ways for self-expression in the professional work environment to choose from. However, one essential condition should be met: One needs a profession where the last word has not yet been said. Otherwise, there won't be room for Ones to apply their innovative potential.

Hence, in technical professions, the optimal choice would be design engineering, construction or development of new technologies. The One should engage in a large undertaking that requires knowledge, experience, personal responsibility, and, what's more, courage and original thinking.

As for creative jobs, the One needs an area to be always one step ahead of present-day demands: fashion design, avant-garde painting or poetry. Yet, some opposite variants are also possible, say, trade in antiquities.

When picking a field for scientific work or public activities, the same principle might be applied. The One can be a good teacher, theoretical scientist or a religious figure. Still, it all will be centered on new ideas.

The role of the Life Path Number in picking a partner and in family life

The One's traits of character have a defining influence on picking the partner for family life. The Ones need someone who is as self-sufficient and competent as they are, has a matching intelligence level and willingness to fulfill their own capacities.

For the Ones, understanding and sensitivity are vital. But of paramount importance is trust. Otherwise, it will be impossible for the One to fully rely on their partner. Trust between partners means motivated and well-reasoned readiness to accept each other's decisions. The Ones are acutely sensitive to any criticism – even if it is well-deserved. As for groundless claims, the One won't hear of it, whatever they may come from.

Individuals of this type set a high value on their mate's appearance and physical beauty. For them, possessing a beautiful specimen of human race represents a victory that is no less great than the victory of an intellectual breakthrough or a rise to the top of the social ladder. Consequently, the Ones are often overly jealous.

Regardless of their sex, the Ones are masters in their own homes. The One is always in the center of a relationship.

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