Opportunities associated with Life Path Number 8

Life Path Number 8 reveals opportunities of the person who is destined to continue the Creation process by controlling and managing the events that happen around. Strong inner potential, will power and responsibility of a wise shepherd open up splendid perspectives to the Eight.

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Life Path Number 8 Numerology Meaning The Eight has a sensitive heart responsive to whatever happens in the world every minute, so pain and bitterness in their life go along with joy and triumph. Every step that humans take towards creation and progress is the Eight's victory, each movement forward on the path of self-destruction is their loss. Their calling in life is to be that "catcher in the rye", to save people from falling down a precipice.

It is an oppressive burden that the Heavens laid upon shoulders of the Eight, having chosen them as the strongest, the steadiest, and the wisest of all people, whose completeness of personality is above any doubt. Yet, they always get a decent reward for their indeed unmatched achievement and daily heroic labor. The Eight is entitled to take from life everything they need. But they must be always on the watch.

Key areas for professional development

The Eight is a true expert when it comes to cause-and-effect relations that define the destiny of any undertaking, any practical action. People born under this Number can trace every step on the path leading to either triumph or decline. It is within their power to resuscitate a business that is on the verge of collapse, to breathe a new life into a prospective idea. Hence, of the most interest for them are large-scale industrial and financial projects, that strictly require permanent control.

The Eight's true calling is in the management of global processes which involve huge numbers of people and big funds. By way of example, it can be an agrarian or an industrial reform both at the small region level and on a national scale.

The Eights attach great importance to the moral health of the nation they belong to, and that of the humankind as a whole. The Eight may not necessarily become a great writer or enlightener, but as an editor of a major publishing company a person of this Number can influence the worldview of an entire generation.

Those born with Number 8 are always rather concerned about money – big money. However, they take money not so much as their private capital, determining the owner's status, but rather as an asset, that enables making another generous offer to the world.

The role of the Life Path Number in picking a partner and in family life

When it comes to more intimate relationship, the Eight often feels like a bull in a china shop. It is often impossible for them to harness their inner power so that to completely exclude the negative effect of this power on any individual. Therefore, they run a risk to gravely hurt someone's soul.

Besides, the Eight always has some duties and responsibilities, some urgent matters, that are impossible to postpone in favor of spending time with the family. And this impossibility itself depresses and irritates the Eight. In this case, reproaches from family and friends are inappropriate and unfair, and, if still voiced, they evoke nothing but an angry outburst.

For this very reason, the Eights are often blamed for their being overly willful, unrestrained, and despotic. So the Eight keeps bearing the cross, unable to be understood.

However, the Eight's soul is open to love and tenderness. Moreover, it desperately needs these feelings, as most part of their life the Eight spends in the world of precise calculations, important decisions, as well as truly harsh actions.

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