Talents And Abilities

Having an inherent talent and not making use of it is almost the same as if you had a vintage car and never bothered to obtain a driving license. This happens quite often though. There are so many reasons why those who know that they have certain abilities never try applying them in practice.

The main reasons are lack of self-confidence and laziness. The former applies to situations when use of the talent involves the need to abandon the established lifestyle and start afresh in a completely new, unexpected role. The latter is about cases when development of talent to its functional level takes years of labor without visible results. A good example of this is literary talent: having an intuitive feel for language doesn't make you a writer. You need to work.


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Talents and Abilities

Human destiny is created by opportunities. But it is inborn abilities that make us masters of our own fate. Our abilities are our exclusive offer to the world.

When we are told we need to change something in life, it actually means that we need to identify the most compelling of our talents, take pains to develop them, and sell our talents at best value.

There is no man without some innate ability. So the task is to identify our most apparent talents, discover them, eliminate their negative manifestations (there are always some), and make your natural potential into a product with a real price.

Abilities with Regular Potential

The amount of repetitions of numbers corresponding to the letters of the name determines the presence of a natural ability expressed at the normal level. It is one's inclination, predisposition, guarantee of professional competence.

It means that the one who chooses a career which requires exactly this inherent gift can be sure in their success. Learning professional secrets won't present any problem at all.

Negative manifestations of this ability won't cause too many problems either. They are only weakly expressed, so it takes just a little effort of will to suppress them.

Abilities with High Potential

The amount of repetitions of numbers corresponding to the letters of the name indicates presence of a strongly expressed natural gift, a real talent.

In response to external influences, a positive, functional component of one's inborn potential can lie idle and remain dormant for years, while its negative manifestations will embitter their life from its very first day.

Anyway, ignoring abilities with high potential means that you lose the key to controlling your own fate. It is essential to cultivate your talent, while doing your best to rid of related problems. If you succeed, your talent will grow into the factor that determines the quality of your life.

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