Meaning Of First Name, Hereditary, And Middle Name Numbers

Numerical values of the full name – Expression Number, Heart's Desire Number, and Personality Number – contain fundamental information on personality traits and peculiarities. However, numerological analysis of your first name, patronymic, and last name individually reveals the presence or absence of factors that might have a decisive impact on your destiny.

Minor Expression Number describes one's energies, temperament, and the sum total of their aspirations. This value alone is sufficient to understand the nature of your motivation, and get a clear idea what you are capable of.

Your Hereditary Number reveals your inherited traits, that is, personality features passed down through all generations of ancestors with the same last name.

Finally, MIDDLE NAME Number is all about your developing your natural abilities as affected by your upbringing and education.


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Minor Expression Number

Your first name contains information about features of your personality: character traits, natural abilities, energies, temperament. Knowing the numerical value of someone's first name helps us say with a high degree of confidence what kind of desires move them ahead, what they are capable of and what they are not; what manifestations of their nature you should encourage, and what you should beware of. This provides the first impression – not intuitive, but rather well grounded.

Your Minor Expression Number — ?

Hereditary Number

Hereditary Number is what make us who we are. Quite literally. This number contains loads of information about almost any character trait, in the first place – one's family traits, inherited abilities, and opportunities arising directly from what their family is like. Mind that financial priority is not the key factor here.

Your Hereditary Number — ?

Middle Name Number

Middle Name Number represents your baseline potential. This should be viewed as the result of transformation of qualities acquired during the process of upbringing, and influenced by personality traits. So, in the same way as one's Patronymic Number doesn't have to coincide with their father's Minor Expression Number, it also doesn't mean that inherited character traits must be the exact copy of those of their father.

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