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Planes of Expression represent four mental levels inherent in all of us. These are Physical (body), Mental (mind), Emotional (feelings), and Intuitive (spirit and inner perception) planes. Unique combination of these components' quantitative parameters makes up our temperament, gives a distinct individuality to our personality. It is this being not like the others that helps us find our place under the sun, establish personal connections, express our feelings in our own unique way, adjust and organize our behavior to succeed in life.

Planes of Expression can help you find out what prevails in your character – emotions or reason, genius or physical stamina, intuition or pragmatism. In its turn, this will enable you to identify the most suitable occupation, find you place in society, and pick your life partner. A man and a woman might be both attracted to each other, but different Planes of Expression will make it troublesome for them to live together. With this in mind, it is possible to balance advantages and disadvantages, and achieve harmony in love.

"He is happy whom circumstances suit his temper; but he Is more excellent who suits his temper to any circumstance." David Hume.


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Four Basic Personality Components

Mental Physical Emotional Intuitive
Mental Plane Physical Plane Emotional Plane Intuitive Plane

Physical Plane

Physical Plane symbolizes body and physical form of a person. This Plane is governed by instinct, and relates to everything that is tangible, visible, and real. Practically no importance is attached to the imaginary and fanciful. Preference is given to what is already known, based on facts, and doesn't go beyond the bounds of reason. It is the pivot of life, as form and style of existence are maintained here. According to Numerology traditions, this Plane indicates one's natural capabilities. This alone reveals how the term "destiny" understood in Numerology: it is neither "doom", nor "fate", but a set of inherent features. It is active potential, and the process of making use of it is called life.

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Mental Plane

Mental Plane represents the person's mind and reason. It is the level of intellectual interconnections, analysis, collecting and comparing facts. Even the most evident is not accepted here if it cannot be analyzed and proved. It is the Plane of will power, determination, confidence, and cold calculation that doesn't let imagination twist the facts. Fine mind, clear thinking, and management skills guarantee that you'll take a leading role and a high position.

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Emotional Plane

Emotional Plane is all about feelings and emotions. It is the level of kindness and sympathy. Here facts recede into the background and give way to imagination, inspiration, inner perception, and creativity devoid of any practical ground. It is not reason that governs actions and reactions to life or other people, but feelings of love and tenderness. People of the Emotional Plane don't have a particularly logical approach to making plans.

Your Emotional Plane Number— ?

Intuitive Plane

Intuitive Plane represents the spiritual level of internal knowledge. It is guided by insight and abstract impressions that go beyond the boundaries of both fact and imagination. Intuition helps man to express heavenly wisdom on the Physical, Mental, Emotional Planes of mind and action. Intuitive Plane is the plane of reverence for the Divine, piety, compassion, tolerance, ingenuity, and that inner guidance that enlivens all other existence levels. This is also known as God's grace.

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