Special Name Letters

This website section contains information about the Special Numbers in your name – the first and the last. Numerical values of both these Numbers are unique information codes. The former is responsible for basics of motivation as they are put into practice – that is, why and how you take up this or that job. The latter is all about the reasons why you finish it: you either achieve results or give up halfway. This information will help you take a more objective view regarding what you should take up, and what shouldn't.

Mystical, fateful significance has always been attached to the name given at birth. Even today, in our enlightened age, the two-thousand year old tradition of baptism is still one of the Christian sacraments. By the same token, many parents choose to keep baby's name a secret until after they are born.

Details about the origin and the meaning of almost any name can be found in a matter of minutes. However, for the most part, it comes down to the name's ethnic origin and meaning – that is, it is simply translated from the language of the nation it belongs to.

Currently well-known Numerological analysis of the Minor Expression Number gives a broader understanding of how the name affects personal characteristics that it gives to its owner. Still, there are certain peculiarities unknown to the general public.


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Cornerstone Number

In Numerology, the first letter is referred to as Cornerstone. The name itself is indicative of its influence on the person's character. It sets the framework for one's relationship with the world. In particular, it establishes the principles that you use to assess your opportunities in any particular situation.

So, taking up a new job, you rely on your Cornerstone in your judgment.

Your Cornerstone Number — ?

Capstone Number

According to Numerology traditions, the last letter of the first name is referred to as Capstone. It contains knowledge about your attitude to what you do. This letter determines your actions at each stage, and the results that you are going to achieve.

Capstone is the key indicator of your self-confidence, stamina, determination to achieve goals, and, consequently, your prospects in life.

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