Relationship between the name and the date of birth

There is a special term in Numerology – Bridge, which means the relationship between the key numbers that define one's personality – the Name Number and the Birth Number. That is, the relationship between abilities and possibilities. It is obvious that the disproportion of these indicators should be perceived if not as a fault, but, at any rate, a weakness that may prevent you from implementing your inherent traits. It can be mended, though.

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Meanings of Bridge Numbers

Bridge Numbers serve to close the gap between the Life Path Number (that indicates your dispositions and talents) and the Expression Number (that sets the direction of your development).

Maturity (Power) Number

What is the Power (Maturity) Number? It is one of the most vital numbers in every person's life. It is a symbol of your dream that gives you a clue of your calling. The thing is, if we understand why we have come to this world, our life will be much happier and much more meaningful.

There is an astonishing fact: people may have no idea of the Power (Maturity) Number while it influences their existence. You must have made decisions following your inner voice. This voice is a manifestation (or, as numerologists call it, a vibration) of the Power Number. The features attributed to this Number most often make themselves felt in childhood, but later they may be concealed. However, the power of this Number is so great that it will nevertheless show itself – usually it happens after 35 years of age. When this stage is over, the influence of the Power Number gradually grows.

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