Numbers corresponding to the letters of your name can not only help uncover your hidden talents, but also point out the weaknesses of your personality. Presence of many identical numbers proves that you have a strong quality, so quite obvious that scarcity, as well as one or more numbers from 1 to 9 missing, indicates quality deficit.

Each missing or weakly expressed quality presents a potential problem. However, it is only potential, so there is nothing too critical in it. But why? Because you live with this deficiency since you were born. Since you were a child you have intuitively known, on a subconscious level, that you need to identify possible complications and avoid situations when a problem may occur, and got used to it.

That is, you may not be aware of your lack of leadership skills (using exactly this wording), but will surely decline the position of a team captain. And you will never want to become class president. In the same way, you are not hard-working enough to undertake any obligations that would require diligence and assiduousness.


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Weaknesses of the Name

One or another expressed quality may be completely missing, yet it is not without its benefits. You'll never have to suffer its negative manifestations. Lack any creative abilities? No big deal at all. Instead, you are freed from the pathological fear of failure, and the risk of falling into depression because your genius goes unnoticed.

Having almost equal amounts of all numbers in your name is fraught with problems. Lack of any expressed virtues and vices in one's character may cause amorphousness, total indifference to everything around them.

Meanings of the Missing Numbers in Your Name

Qualities Helpful in Emergencies

It shouldn't be supposed that in situations requiring use of qualities that you don't have, you'll be absolutely helpless. That's not the case. Having even a superficial acquaintance with the basics of Numerology, you will notice that each quality, corresponding to each of the nine single-digit numbers, is always duplicated by the same or a similar quality, corresponding to any other number. Absolutely unique personality traits are rare.

This keeps you on the safe side. The more different numbers correspond to the letters of your name, the more probable it is that their qualities will include the one that you need at this particular moment. This safety factor is referred to as Subconscious Self Number. You don't have to calculate it separately, as it is again the amount of different numbers corresponding to the letters of your name.

It is established that there is no full name which letters correspond to only one or two numbers. The minimum is three. Hence, the Subconscious Self Number can be expressed by a number from 3 to 9. Each of these numbers has its own characteristics, though.

Subconscious Self Number — ?
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