Karmic And Master Birth Day Numbers

While calculating the numerological parameters of your Birth Day - Life Path Numbers, Life Cycles, Birth Day - you may encounter certain two-digit numbers that aren't reduced any further. These numbers have some very unique features, and bear a special influence on our lives.

According to Classical Numerology, two types of such numbers are distinguished: Birth Day Karmic Numbers – 13, 14, 16, 19, and Birth Day Master Numbers – 11, 22, 33, 44. Should even one of them be present, the results of all calculations of your Major Birth Day Numbers need a serious adjustment. Each of these special Numbers has such a strong influence, that it can partly or completely suppress the influence of other numbers.

You should in no way ignore the occurrence of special Numbers in your Birth Day. Otherwise, you risk taking an absolutely wrong, dead-end direction for personal development, put all possible obstacles in your path with your own hands, and thus cause yourself lots of unnecessary problems.


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Karmic Debt Numbers

Revelation of one or more Karmic Numbers in the course of calculation implies that all opportunities determined by the Life Path Number, Cycle Numbers, and the Birth Day Number, are given with a certain purpose. More specifically, with their help your can make amends for the mistakes your spiritual essence may have committed on its way to the current physical incarnation.

It is the lesson to be learned. So every opportunity that arises on this or that stage of your life path should first and foremost be considered as the chance to pay off your karmic debt.

Master Numbers

A Master Number occurring in your Birth Day reveals that whenever the opportunity arises on your life path, you look at it from a certain angle, and your perception is determined by the type of Number's influence. This is a very special spiritual vision not everyone is capable of.

For example, where others see only a chance to make money, you can comprehend the principles of the distribution of wealth, define your role in this process, and ultimately introduce your corrections to align it with your own philosophy of life.

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