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Personal psychomatrix is no static set of cold hard numbers. It is flexible. Changes invisible to the eye are happening within, and it is only by logical reasoning of the whole picture that we can bring those changes to light. This is the only way we can understand why two people born with a difference of one day are sometimes completely opposite in nature.

Every single personal quality, determined by the number of figures in the corresponding cell, can be enhanced or weakened by the influence of the rest of the cells in a row, column, or diagonal.

For example: a person has no numbers in the first cell, which signals of a very weak character. But if the cell 4, responsible for the aptitude for work, and the luck cell 7 contain a lot of figures, the Sense of Purpose line will be pronounced. And strong sense of purpose is sure to enhance the character. The numbers in the first cell won't increase, of course, but its contents should no longer be critical.

But if, on the contrary, the Sense of Purpose line is weak, even four numbers in the first cell won't help the case. A person is doomed to have problems with implementation of their intentions.

And there is a great variety of such transformations.


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Minor Numbers and Life Goal

Minor Numbers are one of the most important sources of information. They define the measures to be taken to fulfill one's goal in life, to achieve the set objective. Let's assume the first Minor Number being 24, and the second, respectively - 6. This means that a person should work on the qualities 2 and 4 - the desire for peace and harmony, and the ability to work hard. This is the only way they will be able to achieve their life goal determined by number 6, meaning the ability to take care of people, to serve, to take responsibility for others.

Minor Numbers

Mission Potential

The numbers defining purpose in life: ?

Qualities Which May Be Weakened

A strong indicator of a quality in psychomatrix can be weakened by the influence of a row, column or diagonal. For example, the 333 interest value may go bad against the background of the expressed desire for stability (third row) or strong sexual temperament (upward diagonal). This phenomenon is called "cell capture".

Qualities Which Can Be Enhanced

A person's weaker quality, determined by only few numbers in the corresponding cell, may be enhanced by the strong influence of row, column, or diagonal. For example, lack of diligence (6) is compensated by the pronounced ability to support the family (second column) and high level of stability (third row).

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