Meaning Of Psychomatrix Cells

Each of the psychomatrix cells contains information that determines a quantitative indicator of one personal quality. Cells from 1 to 9 (from top to bottom, left to right) correspond to the character, energy, interest, health, logic, aptitude to work, luck, sense of duty and memory. The number of figures in each cell indicates the intensity of the personal quality.

Thus, personal psychomatrix can be considered one's numerological profile. It is not difficult to understand that having an idea of the intensity to which each of the qualities listed above is manifested in a person's nature, you can make quite a nice judgment regarding this person.

Minimal imagination is enough to understand that phlegmatic personality combined with low level of working ability and a poor sense of duty add up to a person you wouldn't want to employ. Whereas high numbers in cells responsible for energy, health and luck indicate someone it would be nice to get married to.


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Meaning of Psychomatrix Cells


One is traditionally considered to be indicating the strength of human nature. And rightly so, since volitional powers really are of paramount importance for life in all its aspects: personal, social, professional.

The number of ones in the psychomatrix cell specify the intensity of the quality, from the value of 1 to 111111, or more.


Two in a psychomatrix chart is an indicator of person's energy. This is not the inner force of chi which, being developed, can force a thought to extinguish a candle at the other end of the world, they say.

We mean that energy allowing you, for example, to make your way to the counter without waiting in line. Or call somebody at the other end of the world sitting next to a burning candle and ask to blow it out.

Not much, of course, but sometimes having such a talent may make a difference. Even life-wise. Even the way the life itself will go.


Three in a psychomatrix chart is an indicator of one's cognitive capacities, their interest in all sorts of science both exact - physics, mathematics, engineering, as well as pragmatic disciplines implying special restricted application. It can be anything ranging from art history and ending with the art of passion.

Which interests prevail depends not only on the number of threes in one's psychomatrix chart, but also on the rest of its parameters - rows, columns and diagonals. Therefore, when assessing impact of the number on the person's character, all of them should be taken into consideration and carefully observed. Otherwise, you might take a wrong turn.


Number 4 in a psychomatrix chart is considered to be an indicator of one's potential, initial health. Therefore, from the point of view of language we should call it "healthiness", rather than "health", since we are talking about what was granted at birth and not the state of affairs at the present moment.

But, anyway, the fourth cell is an assessment of one's physical condition - their strength, endurance, ways their bodies resist negative impacts. And their mental stability to external irritations, which is, perhaps, the most important factor in our crazy times.


Number 5 is an indicator of one's power of intuition and their ability to think logically. However, taking into account the position of this parameter in a psychomatrix square, logic may not be considered by itself regardless the influence of other parameters.

When it comes to men, their logic index can be compared to a bald spot from a famous anecdote: "Bald spot in the front - from wit. In the back - from his cheating. And if both in the front and back, he's a witty cheater."

As for women, mankind has not yet come to one and only conclusion about this quality in women. Apparently, it makes sense to talk about intuition first of all, but intuition that is triggered in each case within the framework of a more global, general thought and action process.


Let's clarify the definitions first. Canonically six is a measure of one's capacity for physical labor, that is, to put it simply, of the energy to give vent to. But how exactly this energy will be vented depends on a number of circumstances. Ilya of Murom, for example, refused to turn up the soil and went to chop off the heads instead, choosing destruction over creation.

Therefore, number 6 in a psychomatrix chart acts more as an indicator of inclinations, rather than that of opportunities. So, while assessing one's aptitude for work, this inner spirit should be considered first and foremost.

APTITUDE FOR WORK, description:


In many ancient cults number 7 is considered to be the number of the divine. "Seven stars", "seven steps of Buddha", "seven days of creation," and so on. Numerology defines 7 in the Pythagoras square as a mark of fortune, good luck. Or Divine Providence.

Concerning the mechanism of action of this factor, a number of theories of varying degrees of reliability were put forward. The most reasonable is as follows: the Creation has some kind of the ultimate goal, and as we all are parts of the Creation process, each of us is endowed with certain functions aimed at achieving it.

And the Nature makes sure we don't shirk our duties. Therefore, not only did it provide Newton with sophisticated mind, but also took care of the apple timely falling on his head. This is the way 7 is measured in one's personal psychomatrix.


Number 8 in a psychomatrix chart indicates the sense of duty. You can call it commitment, or decency. Whatever the term is, we speak about a cornerstone, a fundamental principle for the formation of one's personality. It is this sense that serves as a measure of justice of the retribution for good and for evil, and a moral criterion to distinguish one from the other.

CALL OF DUTY, description:


In Pythagoras Square number 9 is considered to be an indicator of such qualities as intelligence, memory and ability to clairvoyance. To understand the way all this is interconnected, let's consider a well-known explanation of the phenomenon describing the wisdom of the elderly.

Why is an old man, unable to remember where he put his glasses, can at the same time predict the consequences of certain actions and give valuable advice that may later seem a clear example of clairvoyance, almost mysticism to an inexperienced person? Simply because the long-term memory of the elderly is better than the short-term, they mentally combine all similar cases, which they remember, and deliver the result of the statistical analysis. Just like that.

Thus, number 9 is this index of one's ability to analyze based on their memory and common sense

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