What is my Lucky Number for today?

How can I know my Lucky Numbers for a particular day? What are my Lucky Numbers today? It concerns those who are eager to test Numerology theory of Lucky Numbers in practice. It is a simple question, but it requires understanding of the general calculation principle.

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First and foremost, mind that there is a very special relationship between your lifetime and the Time as a fundamental structure, and this relationship can be expressed in numbers. These numbers are all personal: Personal Year Number, Personal Month Number and Personal Day Number. On the basis of these parameters, we can find out lucky numbers for any period of time and even your Daily Lucky Numbers.

The starting point should be the Personal Year Number, for its influence dominates. Personal Year Number is the sum of your birth month and date numbers and the current year, reduced to a single digit. For example, your birth date is June 18 and current year is 2015: You simply add the numbers up, 18+6+2015=2039. 2+0+3+9=14, 1+4=5.

We get number 5, and this number tells you what to expect in this calendar year. You are in your 5th Personal Year, and your lucky numbers for 2015 are numbers in the 5 series like 14, 23, 32 etc.

The next step is to calculate your Personal Month Number. It is dead easy. You simply add up your Personal Year Number and the number of the current month. For instance, if the current month is December, the calculation is as follows: 5+12=17, 1+7=8. Hence, your Lucky Numbers in December 2015 are 8, 17, 26, 35, 44 etc.

And last but not least, your Personal Day Number. It is the sum of your Personal Month Number and number of the day in interest (reduced to 1-9). Let's take December 22nd: 2+2+8=12, 1+2=3. For you, December 22nd is marked by the vibration of number 3. Your lucky numbers include 3, 12, 21, 30 etc.

On the practical side, the main thing now is: where and what for are all these numbers lucky? It should be always borne in mind that our personal numbers strongly influence our life and play a crucial role in making choices about what we do.

The example above implies that you should move around a lot and make new connections during this year. 5 is the lucky number for such things.

According to the same principle, December should be devoted to work. All numbers in the 8 series will be lucky for business.

As for December 22nd, 2015, it is a perfect day to express your creative side. Numbers in the 3 series will have the most beneficial impact on any of your undertakings in this area.

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