Master Number 22

Following number 11, number 22 in numerology continues a number of dominant numbers, which, compared with the main numbers, have a greater energy potential. Aggressiveness and ambitiousness of 11 in number 22 turn into its softer semblance of expressing a passive path. This vital position, known as non-resistance to evil by violence, is preached by the philosophy of Buddhism.

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What does number 22 mean in numerology?

The Master Number 22 Numerology Meaning

22 strengthens the femininity of the Two even more - it is made up of two even numbers, the sum of which is also even (4). Among numerologists, there is a common interpretation of 22 as a re-developed 4, giving its owner organizational and managerial abilities. Number 22 is controlled by the closest to the Sun hypothetical planet Vulcan, worshiped by the ancient Romans as the goddess of fire. The sacred value of number 22 reflects the following facts:

  • A deck of tarot cards consists of 22 Major Arcana.
  • Hebrew contains 22 alphabetic characters corresponding to the 22 creation powers in Kabbalah.

Symbols of 22: The God of Peace. The way of the lamb. Dove. Tantra of the right hand.

Fate and character of a person with number 22

The karmic number 22 has a polar influence on a person, which manifests the contradictory nature of the Two Twos. Everything is present in their character: sober mind, logical thinking, softness and iron grip, emotionality and rational approach. It is believed that conscience and good conduct lead a continuous struggle with indecisiveness and weakness in the soul of such a person.

Only inaction causes troubles and negativity for the representatives of the dominating number 22. Energetic and creative people who use the magic of ultra-vibrations are always successful, financially independent and do not forget about their spiritual development. They distinguish themselves by an extraordinary feature to achieve success in almost any professional field.

Advantages of number 22

Bearers of number 22 in their date of birth have inherent responsibility, intuition, inner harmony, philanthropy, tolerance, service.

At its highest level, the meaning of number 22 is associated with such a fateful mission as the Architect. People of this vibration know how to translate their spiritual ideals into reality, therefore they are called Architects. Their aspirations are connected with useful public activities in the role of a wise statesman, teacher, or writer.

Disadvantages of number 22

They are indecisiveness, suspiciousness, hypochondria, tendency to pessimism, and depression.

The energy of the dominant number is constructive, which means that number 22 in numerology hardly ever manifests itself in a negative direction. Lack of self-confidence inherent to this vibration almost always leads to an unfavorable outcome. If low self-esteem is combined with pessimism, then a person can become depressed and start attracting failures. “They could have made a talented musician, artist, sportsman…” – that is what they often say about such people.

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