Master Number 11

Number 11 in numerology stands at the beginning of a special series of dominant numbers. They received their extraordinary status not because of their power over the remaining numbers, but because people under their control carry a powerful charge of psychic energy. Number 11 expresses excessiveness in greatness or in meanness, in enlightenment or in insanity.

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What does number 11 mean in numerology?

The Master Number 11 Numerology Meaning

The androgyny number is a male manifestation of female nature.

The path of a serpent. Tantra of the left hand. God of War

Interpretations of number 11 are as inexhaustible as the universe that gave birth to it. Like in the microcosm, it reflects the diversity of polar properties. 11 denotes sensitivity, creativity, fearlessness, ingenuity, arrogance, degradation, violence. This diversity of interpretation expresses a feature inherent in the dominant numbers. If numbers from 1 to 9 carry a full range of qualities that mankind has developed, the dominating figures are responsible for the supernatural aspect of knowledge.

The sacred meaning of number 11 is associated with its special role in the ancient mystical teachings of the whole world. It is under the control of planet Proserpine, named after the ancient Roman goddess of fertility and the underworld. In ancient Egypt, number 11 was the sign of the great Nut, the goddess of the night. She was worshiped as the progenitor of stars and gods, and also the defender of the dead, who lifted the souls of the deceased to heaven.

The Kabbalistic "Tree of Life" fully reflects the dual meaning of number 11. In it, the number can manifest itself as a hidden Sefira of Daat, revealing the secrets of the universe, or descend into the unclean worlds of Klipot.

Fate and character of a person with number 11

The dominating number 11 gives people such a powerful magic energy that it can even take over its owners. It gives a variety of talents to some people, and throws the others into the abyss of degradation and escape from reality. The main task for the person is to learn how to control this explosive force and not let it bring chaos into their life.

Representatives of this vibration are inherent messengers and prophets; they know what to tell the world. The karmic number 11 gives its protégés the opportunity to achieve significant success in the field of diplomacy, politics, religion, teaching and psychology. As conductors of cosmic energies, they are prone to paranormal abilities and often have the gift of a healer and a psychic.

Advantages of number 11

They are intuition, inspiration, delicacy, analytical abilities, courage, initiative, and freedom-loving.

Number 11 in numerology means that a person under its influence can reach the highest stage of evolution. Carriers of number 11 by the date of birth have a higher spiritual level than "mere mortals". They are charismatic personalities of great bravery and moral courage, convinced of the righteousness of their destiny. The names of its bright representatives, such as Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, the "Iron Duke" Wellington, will help you understand what number 11 in numerology means.

Disadvantages of number 11

These are ambitiousness, arrogance, falling, moral liberties, anarchy, and aggression. People of number 11 have a very fine line between self-improvement and destruction. The magic number can generate stable phobias of mystical forces. If high-flying ambitions prevail over moral ideals, this can be fraught with the worst consequences. An example of a man of negative vibration of this number is Adolf Hitler.

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