What does your birthdate mean?

All numerological studies are based on two main starting points – individual's date of birth and full name. The first point enables a person to determine their Life Path Number and Birthday Number, the second one – the Expression Number, the Soul Number and the Appearance Number.

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All these numbers make up the numerological core. However, the Date and the Name Numbers are not of the same value and are not interchangeable. Yet, the question is not about how much they influence a person's destiny. What really matters, is their difference in nature and in the character of information they contain.

Life Path and Birthday Numbers determine the external and practical side of life. The former symbolizes possibilities that we may have in our life journey: fortunate or unfortunate coincidence of influences. Nothing here depends on us.

The Birthday Number is about our character traits. It determines the way we use our possibilities depending on our personal characteristics. However, this number limits our self-expression by the scope of specific opportunities.

There is one more aspect though: the numbers derived from the full name. Their spiritual and emotional content is obvious. All of them, in one way or another, determine our inner nature, our hidden essence.

The Expression Number is all about our abilities. Our abilities form our position in life, for it comes from both our ability to think, sensitivity about knowledge and practical skills, as well as from our tendency to experience strong feelings and uncontrolled emotional outbreaks. All this comes from the inside, and no external circumstances can change it.

As for the Soul Number, the name speaks for itself. It includes our innermost desires, our lofty thoughts and base instincts, our magnanimity, readiness to self-sacrifice and generosity, as well as envy, greediness and even readiness to commit a crime to get what we want.

Finally, the Appearance Number. Naturally, it is not about the shape of our nose, length of our legs or waist measurements. It is about the impression that we make on others. And the impression is the external perception of our inner essence, mood, emotional make-up. If eyes beam with happiness, their colour does not matter, while hatred cannot be hidden by rosy cheeks.

Mind these important differences in your numerological studies. They will help you to identify the numerological core numbers that bear srongest impact on your life.

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