Luck And Success Numerology

Can any system guarantee positive results in every single case? It can’t. But it allows to mind the mistakes and not repeat them, which, on its own, increases the chances for luck as the possibility of failure decreases. Numerology is such a system. Its concepts set a peculiar starting line using which one can arrange their whole life day by day, year by year. Such person won’t search for luck or try to catch it. They will go for it consciously and persistently instead.

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Here you will find extensive descriptions of how your core numbers define your calling and the area of most favorable opportunities.

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The subject matter is selected and organized so that to provide you with guidance, help you understand your innate tendency to a certain occupation, and realize which pattern of building your life is closer to your inner nature. Once you understand the principle, you may see that you don't have to radically change areas to apply your talents. It may suffice to slightly shift the focus and add a couple of fresh touches to change your world.

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In the section on "Abilities and goals in life," texts of almost all numerological schools contain a list of professions and occupations where a person with a certain Birth Number can succeed.

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How to find your lucky number

Your Numerology Core is comprised of five Master Numbers: Life Path number, Expression Number, Soul Number, Personality Number and Birthday Number. These numbers are invariable. They never change, so they form a basis for any further calculations, including lucky number calculations.

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