Motivation And Abilities

When reading numerological texts for the first time, a great many people often make a common mistake: when they come across a familiar term in a list of, say, innate characteristics, they just skip it over without trying to think it through with regard to their own personality.

However, it is imperative that you think about how it applies to yourself. It gives you the key to understanding what qualities are positive and what are negative in each particular case.

For example: inventiveness is always seen as a good thing, but hardly anyone would admire inventiveness of an interrogation specialist or a domestic tyrant. On the other hand, aggressiveness is generally not counted as a merit, but a non-aggressive hockey player or politician would be a nonsense.

Besides, the border line between such traits as, say, emotionality and irascibility, or tenacity of purpose and stubbornness, is usually extremely fine. These are parts of one spectrum, but only a person themselves can define which color corresponds most closely to their character.

Be careful! And always be honest with yourself. Then you'll be able to get to know yourself, and Numerology will become an inexhaustible source of self-development and keen understanding of the world around you.


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Motivation, or an urge to act in a way that will satisfy one's own needs, is always strictly individual. At the same time, according to Numerology, everyone evaluates and perceives external circumstances that force them to act exactly through the lens of their innate attributes. Two different people will respond to one and the same situation in a completely opposite way: a coward will run away from a dog, while a brave person will make the dog run away from them.

Whatever your Birth Day Number is, your motivation is always determined only by the combination of the traits mentioned above that dominate in your character. It's a nonsense to claim that motivation depends on external factors – we are those who create the circumstances. Those who don't leave home, don't get wet – so they won't have to come back.

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