In the section on "Abilities and goals in life," texts of almost all numerological schools contain a list of professions and occupations where a person with a certain Birth Number can succeed.

Still, this shouldn't be seen as a God-sent list of vacancies, or as an action plan that needs immediate and literal fulfillment.

Numerology is aimed to provide you with guidance, help you understand your innate tendency to a certain occupation, and realize which pattern to build your life is closer to your inner nature.

The list of careers is just a set of examples to ensure better understanding. Each should be perceived not as an item in a nomenclature registry, but as a general principle that will help you find yourself.

For example, you've just read that you can succeed as an irrigation specialist. But you live somewhere in a swampy area. There is certainly no need to rush to take a watering can and pour water over cloudberries or hastily move to the drylands of Turkmenistan. It just means that you will take pleasure from working on the land on a wide scale – transform, replenish and ameliorate it. To start with, you can cover a puddle in your backyard with sand.

Or you may have a small business selling paperback books for light reading. There's no reason why you should try to turn into a show business shark following numerological advice, as this switch-over won't make any real difference to the essence of your job.

Once you understand the principle, you may see that you don't have to radically change areas to apply your talents. It may suffice to slightly shift the focus and add a couple of fresh touches to change your world.

Another particular feature of this section is that each stage of a person's life is characterized by different opportunities and, consequently, by different aims. Moreover, opportunities may change dramatically overnight – both for better or for worse.

If you marry a wealthy heir (or heiress), you will certainly leave behind your desire to take the position of a food store manager. Just the same, once you come down with rheumatism, you will give up on the dream to break the record in hurdle race.

In this respect Numerology stands on the same grounds as most ancient Eastern teachings. That is, however much the circumstances may change, the final result depends on how one's inner self allows them to use these circumstances. In the context of the above examples, a scold will file for divorce in a week's time, a strong-willed person will try their hand in skeet shooting or chess.

The principle always works.


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As a matter of fact, our whole life is a continuous chain of certain events, a series of pressing issues that need to be resolved, and circumstances that force us to make choices. Each of such cases does not only adjust the direction you move forward, but also leaves its mark on your personality. The thing is, sometimes it is a gold medal of a hero, and sometimes – a mark of disgrace. The more you have of one, the lesser the chance of another is. It is what is called Life Path.

It's also worth mentioning that different people live at different speeds. That's why for some, a problem is the reason to stop for a while and contemplate, whereas for others it's just a fitting occasion to take spontaneous intuitive actions. However, no one is immune to mistakes, except, perhaps, that the latter tend to make more. Then again, they'll have more time to correct them.

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