Ideal Partner By The Date of Birth

You will end up with a detailed and comprehensive list of criteria to guide you while choosing a partner suitable for you in all respects. This is when you will perfectly understand why you’ve made so many mistakes before. You will learn to quickly tell friends from foes judging by minor, barely visible signs. You cannot even imagine how much this will facilitate your task. You’ll see any person’s private world as clearly as its outward manifestations.

But remember: all this is not for fun. So try to utilize gained opportunities wisely, without harming anyone. Moreover, the knowledge and practical recommendations this book contains are purely individual and should work for you only. Don’t try to use the advice given to help other people who have found themselves in a similar situation as this is a sure way to make new enemies.


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The Impact of Your Birth Date on Personal Relationships and Sexual Life

Your Birthday Number Is — ?

Birthday of your second half

This section aims at helping people to figure out what type of woman or man could become the most appropriate couple for a particular representative of each birth date with a probability of more than 50/50.

In other words, these are the signs of the most favored combination. The information provided will help you understand which one of the possible options is best to focus on, as well as, sometimes, stimulate to free your mind of doubts caused by small trifles about the accuracy of the choice made.

Partners with birthdays ? are most compatible with you —

Features of relations with suitable partners

How Do I Recognize the Right Man?

This material contains the most detailed instructions concerning the matter, which at the same time are so simple and clear that missing the right person is virtually impossible. Then again, all this will be of no paramount importance if you manage to meet your perfect match. Mutual interest will be so obvious then that there will be no place for doubt. You will see your own reflection, so to say, which, among other things, will give you a unique opportunity to look at and assess yourself from a different perspective.

How to Get In Good with the Person

This is the shakiest ground where the emerging relationships have all the chances to cease if you tend to blindly trust the irresponsible advice of your experienced colleagues. Who has not heard such a thing as, "Men do not like smart women. The simpler they are the better." Solemn truth is that stupid men can’t stand clever women. Ask yourself though if you really do need such a sample of male stupidity to pretend to be a fool for him. Everything may turn out to be much easier and simpler if you seek for attention of a man who matches your intellect.

In fact, you should start searching for a man whose qualities are compatible with yours to their maximum. After you’ve discovered such and outlined your intentions, just behave naturally and pay as much attention to the happening events as it is necessary for their development. The object of your desires will feel the presence of a potential half very soon and will not hesitate to make a step forward. Although knowing for sure which of your actions will make a favorable impression won’t hurt anyway.

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