how to solve problems of relationships with the help of numerology

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Analysis of the Most Probable Causes of Your Loneliness

The loneliness problem usually has to do with several reasons. In most cases, loneliness is a result of several personal characteristics present in different proportions. Moreover, each of the risk factors separately may not pose a big problem, but put together they can have an extremely negative impact on your life, cause the collapse of all your personal hopes.

For example, your lack of understanding own desires may be a temporary issue, and will simply disappear with practical life experience having been gained. However, if say, it’s complemented with commercialism and envy, your outlook on life may be shifted in favor of financial side of things so much, that you should have no access to normal human relationships.

There are hundreds of similar "dangerous" combinations, and each one of them requires careful analysis without which the solution of the problem is impossible. We’ll provide you with the results of such analysis, as well as with detailed recommendations to remedy the situation. What happens next, however, will depend on you only.

The more weaknesses are discovered, the more meticulously and methodically you will need to follow the instructions given, which will require a lot of effort on your side. However, the final result is way worth the cost. Get ready for changes in your life. After all, it’s just what you are longing for.

Matrix of possible problems

Each cell of the matrix is responsible for one of the 14 possible causes of loneliness. The number in the cell shows how strongly the problem is expressed. The most likely problems are highlighted in a dark background.

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# Possible cause of loneliness Significance

The analysis of problems and ways of their solution

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