Your Birthday Month Number and its meaning

The Birthday Month Number determines our psychological type, personality and temperament. At the same time, numerological analysis does not simply classify a person as belonging to the category of choleric or melancholic personality. The number index of the birthday month indicates the dominant personality traits that shape our relationships with the world, i.e. determine our lives.

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However, saying that some feature of charterer can become determinant, would be incorrect. Moreover, it does not have to influence all of your actions in all situations.

If, for example, you were born in the eighth month of the year, and you are rather rigid in dealing with others, it does not mean that you are putting heat on everyone around all day long, try to make it “your way” even when you are absolutely wrong.

If your birth month “6” has given you kindness and sympathy, then your family’d better not expect that they can use you forever. Sooner or later, another trait of your character, that is, for example, rational thinking, will make you fly off the handle, and fans of “freebies” will be punished.

The essence of numerological analysis is to use your Birthday Month Number to identify all the components of your personality, determine the degree of influence of each of them, and to draw conclusions about the most probable manifestation of your character in any given situation. It is the behavioral characteristics of a particular type of personality that are the main purpose of the study about birthday month meaning.

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